1/4-20 CMM and Equator™ system clamping component set A

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This essential 1/4-20 clamping component set can be used to hold brass, titanium, aluminium, plastic, ferrous and non-ferrous parts. It is recommended for use on CMMs and Equator systems.

Replacement for old R&R part number: FSC-CA-20

Technical table

ApplicationCMM & Equator
Clamp typeClamping
Component setA
Measurement systemImperial
Plate optionwithout plate
Part NumberDescriptionQuantity
R-S-5075-200.50 in dia. × 0.75 in standoff3
R-S-501-200.50 in dia. × 1.0 in standoff3
R-S-502-200.50 in dia. × 2.0 in standoff3
R-S-7575-200.75 in dia. × 0.75 in standoff3
R-S-751-200.75 in dia. × 1.0 in standoff3
R-S-752-200.75 in dia. × 2.0 in standoff3
R-S-175-201.0 in dia. × 0.75 in standoff3
R-S-11-201.0 in dia. × 1.0 in standoff3
R-S-12-201.0 in dia. × 2.0 in standoff3
R-SP-501-200.50 in dia. × 1.0 in pin standoff2
R-CT-160-125-201.6 in tension clamp with 1.25 in post2
R-CT-250-275-202.5 in tension clamp with 2.75 in post4
R-RCD-20Polyoxymethylene resting cone3
R-AJ-50-200.50 in dia. adjustable jackstand1
R-AS-1-201.0 in long adjustable slide1
R-AS-3-203.0 in long adjustable slide1
R-TC-500200500 mm × 200 mm × 25 mm component tray to hold M6 and M8 components1
R-BC-108 in × 8 in × 2 in compartment box (not shown)1

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