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The RMP60 is a compact spindle probe with radio signal transmission and offers automated part set-up and in-cycle gauging on machining centres including 5-axis machines.
The RMP60 combines Renishaw’s traditional kinematic resistive probe mechanism with a secure and unique frequency hopping transmission protocol; ideal for the modern machine shop and harsh environments where line-of-sight between probe and interface is not always possible.
This RMP60 kit includes a RMP60 Probe, an RMI-Q radio machine interface, a receiver mounting bracket, a 50mm and 100mm ceramic styli each with a 6mm ruby ball, and a sealtite kit. 

Technical table

Transmission typeRadio
Part NumberDescriptionQuantity
A-5742-0001RMP60 Probe1
A-2033-0830Receiver mounting bracket1
A-5000-3709M4 Ø6 mm ruby ball, ceramic stem, L 50 mm, EWL 38.5 mm1
A-5000-3712M4 Ø6 mm ruby ball, ceramic stem, L 100 mm, EWL 88.5 mm1
A-4113-0306Sealtite kit1
A-5687-0050RMI-Q Interface (15m)1

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