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View from the Mill - October 2010 Archive

Casual or committed?

Posted 18th Oct 2010 by Chris in engineering, manufacturing, investors, skills shortage

Last week we held our 37th Annual General Meeting for shareholders at our Gloucestershire headquarters, where we welcomed investors from across the UK. Ever since these meetings have been held on our own premises we have given tours of our facilities – people tell us that it is very unusual for a company to give shareholders both a lunch and guided tours, but isn’t this just good manners and what you would do for anyone welcomed into your own home?

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Have it all and have it now

Escribano case study - REVO® scanning a large bore on an aerospace component.
Posted 13th Oct 2010 by Chris in engineering, cmm, revo, five-axis scanning, ant industries, escribano, manufacturing, co-ordinate measuring machines

In so many aspects of our lives there is a trade-off between speed and accuracy – play a musical instrument faster and invariably you produce duff notes; get your shots faster away on the firing range and see those target holes drift; serve a tennis ball faster and struggle to avoid that net. In the world of measurement the same was also true; in fact a leading manufacturer of co-ordinate measuring machines still offers a probing technology based on variable accuracy and speed – have one, but not the other, it’s all about a compromise.

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Pyramids and Process Control

Pyramids at Giza
Posted 8th Oct 2010 by Chris in process control, engineering, egypt, machine tools, productive process pyramid, manufacturing

The British Museum in London is a fantastic destination for anyone with an interest in the development of humankind, from the earliest civilizations over 100,000 years ago to the technologies that have shaped the modern world. To get the best from your free visit (yes it’s free, although donations are encouraged and happily given) it is best to focus on one topic of interest, and for me last week it was Ancient Egypt – sculpture, technology and of course mummies.

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