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  • Renishaw loans 30 schools 3D printers for a second year

    Simon Biggs, Education Outreach Officer, working with schools After a successful pilot year of its 3D printer loan scheme, where global engineering technologies company, Renishaw, loaned 30 local schools a 3D printer for three months, the company has continued the project for a second year.

  • Raman spectroscopy of biological tissue for rapid classification of brain gliomas

    Bio slide preparation Researchers used a Renishaw RA816 Biological Analyser to identify the genetically different subtypes of brain gliomas in a neurosurgical setting. By understanding the genetics of a tumour during the operation, the clinician would be able to map out the best surgical and treatment strategy. This could improve survival rates and treatment response of the patient.

  • Measuring solutions reduce machine tool testing time by up to 6.5 hours

    Calibration on a machine tool with the XR20-W rotary axis calibrator A successful machine tool manufacturer, StankoMachComplex was faced with a dilemma. As demand for its growing range of machine tools rapidly increased, the company’s rigorous product testing procedures were creating a bottleneck in production. It needed to accelerate testing throughput while increasing the accuracy of its precision measurements at the same time. A combination of Renishaw’s measurement solutions provided the answer.

  • Precision position feedback for smart manufacturing

    RCDM disc scale As the world enters a new era of smart manufacturing, industry demand for precision motion control systems is increasing to unprecedented levels. Based in Taiwan, Chieftek Precision Co., Ltd. (CPC) is a global manufacturer of precision motion control products such as linear guide rails and direct-drive (DD) motion stages.

  • Introducing the Renishaw Correlate™ software module

    SEM and Raman overlay of a geological sample Renishaw introduces its new Correlate™ software module, to combine imaging techniques and maximise the effectiveness of microscopic methods.

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