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View from the Mill - December 2009 Archive

Plane speaking

Boeing 787 (image copyright © Rolls-Royce plc 2009
Posted 31st Dec 2009 by Chris in engineering, manufacturing, economy

Sir John Rose, Chief Executive of Rolls-Royce plc recently gave an interesting speech to the UK’s Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, in which he presented the case for a more balanced economy in the UK based on high-value advanced manufacturing. Noting the overdependence on the financial services sector, he reminded listeners that there are only three ways to create wealth – “dig it up, grow it or convert something in order to add value. Anything else is just moving it about.” (This photograph is reproduced with the permission of Rolls-Royce plc, copyright © Rolls-Royce plc 2009.)

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Hamsters, helicopters and home-made machine tools

Alp Aviation Sikorsky helicopter
Posted 29th Dec 2009 by Chris in touch probes, machine tool, video

Inspiration for blogs comes from many sources – the Renishaw company notice board is one such source. Recently one employee notice caught the eye – ‘Hamsters for sale’; but not just any hamsters; 'Syrian hamsters'!

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The most precious gift of all

Image of sperm and egg
Posted 22nd Dec 2009 by Chris in medical, raman spectroscopy

The great thing about working in a company like Renishaw, is the sheer breadth of technologies and applications with which we are involved. From motorsports, such as Formula 1 and NASCAR, through to aerospace engineering, LCD TV manufacture, and digital printing, Renishaw products are making a real contribution.

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Bridging the dental divide

Final fitting of restoration
Posted 16th Dec 2009 by Chris in dental cad/cam, charity

In many nations we take access to dental treatment for granted, and even in those countries where treatments are charged, there is almost always free professional help available for emergency cases.

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Illuminating history through science

inVia Reflex
Posted 14th Dec 2009 by Chris in raman spectroscopy

The desire to both learn more about the past and preserve its legacies has in the past often resulted in irreversible damage to the very art and artefacts to which attempts were being made to afford ‘protection’.  However, a new generation of scientific analysis tools are now eliminating such risks, meaning that restoration projects can be undertaken by truly well informed conservators and the research work of art historians no longer requires the finely honed skills of a surgeon.

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Only molecular biologists need apply

Lab scene
Posted 10th Dec 2009 by Chris in medical diagnostics, raman spectroscopy

There probably aren’t too many engineering companies that have internal vacancies for a ‘Molecular Biologist’, but that’s exactly what was recently seen on Renishaw notice boards. In 2007 we invested in a start-up company, D3 Technologies Limited, which is now a world leader in molecular diagnostics for human infectious diseases and the exploitation of Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (otherwise known as SERS).

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Cool sports

Team Kiriasis bobsleigh
Posted 7th Dec 2009 by Chris in cmm, machine tool

As well as supplying companies throughout the world with products that enhance machine performance, improve processes, and raise product quality – anything from aircraft parts and semiconductors, to brain surgery - Renishaw is also a major manufacturer itself. The advantage is that in an age when many product suppliers subcontract much of their production, we are really able to share experiences with our engineering customers – and many of our products result from needing solutions to our own daily challenges.

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The ballbar is dead, long live the ballbar

QC20-W and centre pivot
Posted 4th Dec 2009 by Chris in calibration, machine tool

The year is 1991 and as well as being noteworthy for being formed from a palindromic number, was a year that witnessed many notable events, some of which still resonate today. An economic recession caused by a crisis in the financial sector gripped large parts of the world, military forces from the US, UK and their allies were fighting in the Gulf, the Soviet Union collapsed leading to the formal dissolution of the Warsaw Pact, and Tim Berners Lee announced his World Wide Web project to the outside world. 

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Survival of the fittest

White paper: Survival of the fittest - the process control imperative
Posted 2nd Dec 2009 by Chris in economy, manufacturing, process control

In a recent article by Chris Koepfer, Editor-in-Chief of the US-based ‘Production Machining’ magazine, entitled ‘Time for Some Rational Optimism’, he compares recessions to mass extinctions of species, arguing that all industries have ‘dinosaurs’ and that through events beyond their control, just like their prehistoric equivalents, some of the modern day dinosaurs will be wiped out due to their ‘heavy, slow and mediocre’ nature.

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