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View from the Mill - February 2010 Archive

The challenges of international business

Home page of Renishaw's Russian website
Posted 25th Feb 2010 by Chris in website, emo exhibition

In the run up to the recent EMO exhibition we received a fax from an Italian stand contractor attempting to obtain our business. It gave lots of reasons why we should trust them with our stand construction, including the arguments that “Our society realizes ‘turnkey’ exhibition in every world country, Italy and not”, plus the strong proposition that “We also design and realize traditional and not top quality stands.”  So clearly, not top quality translation.

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Why don’t students make stuff anymore?

Jeremy Pullin, Renishaw's Rapid Manufacturing Manager
Posted 22nd Feb 2010 by Chris in rapid manufacturing, jeremy pullin, education

In his regular column for TCT magazine, Jeremy Pullin, Renishaw’s Rapid Manufacturing Manager, gives his forthright personal views about matters relating to the world of rapid manufacturing. Here is a shortened version of his latest article.

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Seriously compressed inspection times

The Renscan 5™ system performing a rapid scan of the impeller diameter
Posted 18th Feb 2010 by Chris in cmm retrofit, revo, five-axis measurement

We recently spoke about the benefits that REVO, our revolutionary five-axis measuring system for co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs), is bringing to manufacturers. Whilst many companies are unwilling to go public about these benefits due to commercial sensitivities, one that has is GE Oil and Gas in Florence, Italy.

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From manufacturing to magicians

Discount Sorcerer logo
Posted 15th Feb 2010 by Chris in linear encoders, chris rand

Every industry has its influencers – people who shape change directly through new inventions or ideas that influence others to change. In the field of engineering, it tends to be the inventors that rightly gain most recognition, but there are many other unsung catalysts of change that can have a significant impact.

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Engineering a change in attitudes

Smallpeice Trust's 'Bridge Builder' game
Posted 11th Feb 2010 by Chris in engineering, manufacturing, education

Throughout its history Renishaw has been very active in developing relationships with schools local to its main UK sites, both at primary (5-11) and secondary (11-18) levels. These activities take many forms, from helping to directly fund projects, such as the ‘Renishaw Technology Centre’ at KLB School, in Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire, to work placements, mock interviews, access to manufacturing equipment for project work, and the hosting of school competitions. This has been driven by many factors, including a desire to present a positive image of engineering and engineering businesses, and to highlight the real sense of fun and achievement to be gained from engineering projects.

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How do you like your baths?

RAMTIC at Stonehouse
Posted 8th Feb 2010 by Chris in economy, manufacturing, process control

In a recent issue of Automotive Design and Production, an article titled ‘Climbing Out of the Recessionary Tub’ suggests that manufacturing in the USA is likely to have a ‘bathtub’ shaped recovery curve, rather than the more commonly touted ‘V’ or ‘W’ shapes, and that the real test of business strength will come as the economy slowly ascends.

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How many words does a video paint?

Renishaw @ Semicon west
Posted 3rd Feb 2010 by Chris in encoder, exhibitions, social media

The old adage states that ‘a picture paints a thousand words’, so what value for a video? The use of video in business seemed dated even 2 years ago – expensive and slow to produce, and also costly to distribute. In an internet age it simply did not seem a nimble and expedient way to communicate.

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When image is everything count on us

Společnost Inca Digital Printers vyvinula vůbec první plochý inkoustový tisk, který, jak se zdá, přinesl revoluční zvrat v oblasti sítotisku
Posted 1st Feb 2010 by Chris in laser calibration, linear encoder, incremental encoder, case study

In 1473 when Englishman William Caxton set up a printing press in Bruges, Belgium and produced ‘Recuyell of the Historyes of Troye’, widely accepted as being the first printed book in the English language, he surely cannot have imagined how far printing technologies would have progressed, and how much the world would become obsessed with the printed image.

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