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View from the Mill - April 2011 Archive

One wedding and a laser

Queen's Award logo 2011
Posted 28th Apr 2011 by Chris in queen's award, royal wedding, tool breakage detection, machine tools, sir david mcmurtry, dame janet trotter, gloucestershire

With a Prince and soon-to-be Princess getting married tomorrow in what will be the biggest wedding event so far of the 21st Century, it seemed an appropriate time to mention our own Royal connections; in fact all fourteen of them.

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A rapid way to market

MTT SLM250 Selective Laser Melting machine
Posted 15th Apr 2011 by Chris in rapid manufacturing, jeremy pullin, additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping, selective laser melting, metal casting, vacuum casting

We've been regular speakers at the TCT Live rapid manufacturing (RM) conference for some years, sharing our experiences of additive manufacturing from the perspective of an industrial user that produces the majority of its components using 'traditional' metal cutting machine tools.

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