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View from the Mill - August 2010 Archive

The Raman rainbow

Raman application montage 4
Posted 24th Aug 2010 by Chris in raman spectroscopy, spectrograph, dr laura pickard, raman microscope, inside raman seminar, vinland map, spectrometer

I’m always pleased when a colleague offers to write a post, because firstly, it signifies that they see value in our blog and its readership, and secondly, because it gives me a rest! Therefore today I’m pleased to hand over the reigns to Dr Laura Pickard from our highly successful Spectroscopy Products Division:

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Only shades of gray – a short history of the IMTS show

Scene from IMTS 2008 (Lakeside Center)
Posted 18th Aug 2010 by Chris in imts 2010, imts history, emo exhibition, mccormick place, chicago, amt, rolls-royce, machine tools

Whilst today’s post has everything to do with shows, including a reference to a famous circus, it unfortunately has nothing to do with The Monkees’ classic track, recorded for their 1967 album ‘Headquarters’.

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Acknowledging significant lives

Posted 11th Aug 2010 by Chris in masters of manufacturing, manufacturing engineering, brian hogan, sme, patrick hanratty, sir david mcmurtry, cad/cam

Most of us find inspiration for our own lives through people that we meet at various stages of our development, or people with whom we never have contact, but whose story gives encouragement and motivation to change.

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Houston, we have a measurement problem

Logo of Measurement Devices Ltd (MDL)
Posted 3rd Aug 2010 by Chris in measurement devices ltd, mdl, laser measurement, laser surveying, laser rock profiling, remote void measurement, dtm, lidar, laser mapping, apollo 13

One notable item reported in last week’s preliminary financial results was our acquisition of a 29% stake in Measurement Devices Ltd (MDL), with an agreement that provides for the further purchase of the balance of the shares over a four year period.

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