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View from the Mill - Posted in measurement

Getting the measure of the UK’s most prestigious business awards

SP80 with changer rack
Posted 21st Apr 2012 by Chris in tool breakage detection, sir david mcmurtry, measurement, gloucestershire, queen's award, dame janet trotter, scanning, sp80

On Saturday we were again honoured to receive a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the Innovations category for our highly innovative SP80 ultra-high accuracy analogue scanning probe. The product is used on co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs) for the highly accurate measurement of complex parts such as automotive and power train components.

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Has an inspection bottleneck got your business by the throat?

Marc Saunders
Posted 26th May 2011 by Chris in aerospace, gas turbine, aerofoil, blisks, blades, cmm, scanning, surface finish, amrc, boeing, measurement

We were recently asked by Aerospace Manufacturing magazine to write about a current topic that would be of interest to its readers. Marc Saunders, who is Director of our UK Sales Division, and a board member of The University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) with Boeing, chose to comment on the dimensional measurement issues facing the aerospace industry. Here is his article:

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Why measure on machine tools? Don’t ask us!

F35 'Joint Strike Fighter' (image courtesy Lockheed Martin)
Posted 1st Jun 2010 by Chris in machine tool, manufacturing, measurement, aerospace, co-ordinate measuring machine, touch probe, laser probe

At the EMO Hannover exhibition in 1977, a Renishaw machine tool touch probe was shown on a milling machine by Kearney and Trecker for what we believe to be the first time at a trade show. Over the past 30 years these sensors, whether contact or laser-based, have become widely accepted as the most efficient way to carry out setting operations, eliminating painfully slow and unreliable manual techniques.

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“You can only make as well as you can measure”

NC1 tool setter + globe
Posted 20th May 2010 by Chris in metrology, measurement, international standards, engineering, physics, science

Today is World Metrology Day and what better way to title this post than a quote from the legendary British 19th Century engineer, Joseph Whitworth, who did much to introduce the practical aspects of measurements and associated standards into precision manufacturing, including the introduction of the ‘thou in 1844.

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The thrill of the launch

Question mark icon
Posted 3rd May 2010 by Chris in measurement, new products

Although we introduce a lot of new products each year, just occasionally something special comes along that you know is going to have a truly significant market impact, and which energises the organisation into even greater levels of activity to facilitate its arrival.

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