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The new face of engineering?

John Barrowman with a Renishaw neuromate surgical robot
Posted 22nd Feb 2011 by Chris in john barrowman, torchwood, doctor who, engineering, neurosurgery, surgical robots

It's not often that an engineering company plays host to a real-life TV celebrity, but that's exactly what happened recently when the actor and all round entertainer John Barrowman visited our New Mills headquarters.

Mr Barrowman is the star of well-known UK TV programmes such as Tonight’s the Night, Torchwood and the internationally known series Doctor Who, and in the latter two programmes plays Captain Jack Harkness, a time traveller and former con man from the 51st century!
His visit formed part of some research into a potential TV documentary for his production company Barrowman Barker Productions about new medical procedures to treat degenerative diseases, such as Parkinsons.

Whilst he was here he was also given an overview of our advanced engineering technologies and the way that these are being applied to new applications within the world of neurosurgery. He was accompanied by his brother-in-law Professor Steven Gill, who is a world-leading neurosurgeon based at Frenchay hospital, Bristol, where the first of Renishaw’s new enhanced surgical robots has recently been installed.
Speaking about Mr Barrowman’s visit, Stuart Campbell, Senior Sales & Marketing Engineer for Renishaw’s Neurological Products Division, said, “John seemed very interested in how our measurement technologies, used in the manufacture of critical parts within sectors such as aerospace and automotive, are now being used to help neurosurgeons perform demanding surgical procedures. This was particularly so because his father is a former engineer.”

UK science already has former pop star Dr Brian Cox as its inspirational pin-up, so why not a bit of glamour for its engineering brother?

(John Barrowman is pictured with Renishaw's neuromate neurosurgical robot)