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Case story – ANT REVO – Shaun Rowley, Jet Engine part
Posted 22nd Mar 2010 by Chris in cmm, revo, awards

It's always good to receive recognition from your industry peers, whether for manufacturing innovation, product performance or for personal achievement. Therefore to receive three international engineering awards for the same product is truly something special and is exactly what happened when our REVO® five-axis measuring system for co-ordinate measuring machines was honoured recently when it won the Platinum Award for the Most Innovative Product at the ENGIMACH 2010 exhibition held in Gujurat, India.

The trade fair is one of India’s leading events for engineering and machine tool technologies, and the award was achieved against strong competition. Entry was open to any of the 1,000 exhibitors participating at the event, and therefore REVO was recognised as the most innovative product across all categories of engineering technologies exhibited at ENGIMACH.

We've always believed that the product is a bit special because of the radical design and huge benefits that it brings to part inspection on CMMs, but the new award just serves to give further independent backing to our view that it is indeed 'a measurement revolution'. In 2008, REVO was judged outright winner of the ‘Best quality control product or system’ at the MWP Awards held in Birmingham, UK, where an independent panel of experts from manufacturing industry described the measuring system as an "Absolutely brilliant idea, which speeds the measurement of complex component shapes.”

Later that year during the international Micronora exhibition held in France, it also won a Micron d’Or (Golden Micron) award for innovation in the ‘Production tool and instruments’ category. The awards are described by the organisers as ‘the indisputable benchmark of innovation’ and are given to innovations being showcased at Micronora for the first time.

However, whilst awards are great, what really counts ultimately is the voice of our customers. In Italy, GE Oil & Gas has seen huge reductions in the time taken to inspect impellers after a retrofit of REVO to an existing co-ordinate measuring machine, and led Claudio Bartali, Manufacturing Technology Project Leader, to conclude, "Huge reductions in inspection time and the ability to measure form – REVO has opened a new frontier”. Meanwhile in the USA, TURBOCAM, a leading manufacturer of five-axis turbomachinery, has seen its inspection programming time, set-up time and measurement time reduce by at least 50 percent since installing the system, and on complex parts such as blisks, "What used to take three days to program now takes three hours", said Dave Romaine, Quality Assurance Manager.

But for the final independent judgement on the product, we'll leave the last word to Shaun Rowley, Manufacturing & Sales Director at UK aerospace sub-contractor ANT Industries (pictured above holding a jet engine component), who following the purchase of a new CMM equipped with REVO said:

“Now we have the new machine we are playing a different game – there is no other option to REVO, nothing else comes close.”