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REVO® 5-axis measurement applications

REVO is a dynamic new measuring head and probe system from Renishaw. A revolutionary new product designed to maximise CMM throughput whilst maintaining high system accuracy.

REVO measurement techniques

Head touches


Circle scan


Cylinder scan


Gasket scan

REVO rapid head touches illustration REVO® performing circle scan REVO performing cylinder scan REVO gasket sweepscan

Sweep scan - flat plane


Sweep scan - curved plane


Section scan - round the blade



REVO® performing plane sweepscan

 REVO sharp edge blade sweepscan illustration REVO round the blade sweepscan illustration REVO round the blade sweepscan illustration
More information about REVO measurement techniques.

REVO valve seat and guide measurement

REVO valve seat and stem scanning

The measurement of valve seat and guides has traditionally been very challenging, involving time-consuming methods that often do not provide a sufficiently capable measurement.

REVO and Renishaw's Renscan5 technology change this situation dramatically. It is now possible to collect very quickly large amounts of data, from which the analysis parameters for both the valve seat and the valve guide features can be calculated. The method performs exceptionally well in repeatability and reproducibility tests.

More information about the REVO valve seat and guide measurement and analysis.