Mobile mapping and surveying of land, coastal and waterway areas

Dynascan offers high-speed, high-accuracy mobile mapping capabilities, even in extreme environments.

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Dynascan offers a unique solution in the mobile LiDAR scanning market.

With a rotating head giving 360 degree scanning, high accuracy and the compact incorporation of leading GNSS and IMU technology, Dynascan gives customers the performance, portability and price they need to complete work efficiently.

High-grade resistance to water and dust means the Dynascan can be used safely, accurately and without damage, where previously surveying was hazardous or arduous to complete.

A new, easier, cost-effective way to survey

Working with Dynascan has helped surveyors in a range of industries increase output, whilst working cost effectively.

Dynascan's small size and weight makes it versatile enough to deploy on a range of vehicles or vessels. You can now dynamically survey areas of limited or difficult access, including steep narrow tracks, parks, small river tributaries and narrow water ways.


The Dynascan is a fully portable 3D mobile mapping system

Dynascan is easily transported and within hours the system can be mobilised on any moving platform that is land or marine based. 

The Dynascan single head system pod weighs 17 kg, whilst the dual head system pod weighs 25 kg.


Dynascan contains no delicate scanning mechanisms or rotating mirrors and was designed to operate in the world's most extreme environments. 

Dynascan is built to industrial specifications with an all-weather design ensuring the system will operate straight out of the box after long trans-shipment journeys, minimising down time on the job and time in the repair shop

Rapid deployment

Dynascan quarry set up image

No heavy or cumbersome mounting brackets are needed, and all sensors are factory calibrated and aligned inside the pod.

One cable from the Dynascan pod to the rugged laptop eliminates the cabling problems associated with similar complex equipment.

Dynascan can hook up to the vehicle or vessel battery system, needing either a 12 or 36 volts DC supply.

Fully-featured software

Dynascan Software Screen

The Dynascan system comes with its own fully-featured software suite, providing a user-friendly route along the scanning workflow from initial project planning and real-time 3D acquisition, through to final processing, quality control, and reporting.

For ease of integration into existing workflows, data can be exchanged with third-party applications via a large number of industry standard formats (eg DXF, XTF, GeoTIFF, GSF, BAG, ASCII).

Integration with other sensing technologies is also catered for, with the software allowing seamless acquisition from a variety of other sensors, such as a GPS receiver, an IMU, a camera or video system, a multi-beam echo sounder, or a side-scan sonar system.

Sales and distribution

Alongside the Dynascan M250 and S250 products the Dynascan technology is also available in products supplied by Trimble Navigation Limited. As a result there are different sales channels for Dynascan and Trimble products depending on applications and geographic territory.

For sales enquiries worldwide for Dynascan M250 within mining, quarrying or marine applications, please contact us.

For Dynascan S250 sales enquiries within the UK and Canada for mining, quarrying or marine applications, please contact us.

For Dynascan S250 sales and service enquiries within Australia for any application, please contact us.

For all other countries and applications, we have an exclusive agreement with Trimble. For further information please contact Trimble directly.

Dynascan products

M250M250 X-PlaneS250S250 X-Plane
Dynascan M250Dynascan S250 X-PlaneDynascan M250Dynascan S250 X-Plane

Mapping-grade system with+/- 5 cm accuracy at 50 metres (Kodak white card to 1 sigma).

Mapping-grade system with +/- 5 cm accuracy at 50 metres (Kodak white card to 1 sigma). Reduces shadowing.

Survey-grade system with +/- 1 cm accuracy.

Survey-grade +/1 cm accuracy.

250 m range250 m range250 m range250 m range

Measurement rate of 36,000 points per second

Measurement rate of 72,000 points per second

Measurement rate of 36,000 points per second

Measurement rate of 72,000 points per second

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