Standard and custom laser modules for distance and presence detection in a wide variety of OEM systems

Our laser modules use pulsed time-of-flight technology to deliver highly accurate distance, speed and height information over long or short ranges. They are used widely by system integrators, especially for military, security and traffic management applications.

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Renishaw provides a range of laser modules designed for easy integration into many applications. These include:

Standard modules

Pencil beam laser modules


Scanning laser modules

Pencil beam laser module

A single pencil beam integrated laser module (ILM) specifically designed for stand alone operations or additional integration.


Scanning laser module

A compact, rugged multipurpose scanning laser module (SLM) for distance measurement with a 360 field of view and ranges up to 500 m.

Custom modules for your specific application

Customised laser modules can be provided for OEM integrators. Please talk to us about your application and needs so that we can show you how our range of OEM modules can help you.

How can our modules be used?

We supply:

Some of the most common uses for our laser modules are given below.

Aircraft altimeters

Alp Aviation Sikorsky helicopter

Laser altimeters can be provided as an OEM module or combined with a visual cockpit display to form a fully functioning end-user system. Three variations of modules are available with ranges of up to 1500 m (4650 ft) and can be configured to output range or make speed calculations such as rate of descent. 

There are many versions of laser modules and so we work with our OEM partners to provide unique solutions to their individual applications.

Find out more about altimetry applications.

Security and presence detection

Perimeter security

Renishaw laser sensors have been integrated into a range of security applications. The pencil-beam laser module and scanning laser modules can be used to monitor presence detection for broad perimeter security coverage, intruder alerts and event detection.

Find out more about security applications.

Transportation and traffic management

Gantry image

Pencil-beam and scanning laser sensors are used to enhance operational efficiency and safety for traffic management applications. Our laser modules are used to trigger cameras or warning signs for red light violation, speed monitoring and height detection alerts.

Laser sensors are used widely for enhancing railway safety. Renishaw's rugged laser modules have been integrated into a range of applications including level crossing monitoring, platform surveillance, track obstruction warning trigger alerts and railway bridge vehicle collision avoidance.

Next steps

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