Void Scanner laser surveying system for void mapping and stope mapping

Renishaw's Void Scanner is the most reliable, cost-effective way to carry out the regular mapping of underground voids and stopes.

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Void Scanner is a specialist, boom-deployable underground laser scanner, specifically designed to work in unsafe or difficult to access areas, whilst giving you all the data you need to feed into your existing mine maps, so that complete, up-to-date mapping is possible.

It's the system of choice for many mine owners looking for durable, robust mapping devices that keep working as hard as you do.

Less time and money spent surveying

Void Scanner sensors shown in detail

Our powerful drive system means that a complete scan of a void can now be completed very quickly.

The scanner can be deployed using survey tripods, or remotely, using rods, booms, masts, lifts and cranes, giving you complete flexibility for any project.

Customers use the Void Scanner on a range of challenging surveying programmes. Benefits include:

  • Quick deployment
  • Rugged durability and robust construction
  • Easy and intuitive user experience, so minimal time spent on training
  • A standard package and optional items to cover every eventuality
  • The ability to carry out work in tough conditions, with water and dust resistance and the ability to operate at temperatures from -10 to +45° C
  • A scan time of around 10 minutes, at 1 degree increments

All the data you need

The Void Scanner produces detailed scans of entire voids, with a range of up to 150 metres.

Scans can be visually inspected, modelled and then used to calculate volumes and dimensions.

Scanned data can be easily and quickly exported into all major mine packages for integration and comparison with existing data.

Void Scanner is an ideal choice when accuracy matters since it offers:

  • 270° vertical and 360° horizontal field of view
  • A pitch and roll sensor with 360 degree capability
  • Typical accuracies of + / - 5 cm
  • A range resolution of 1 cm
  • A range of up to 150 m
  • Scanning speed of 200 points per second

New, quicker, functionality-rich software

Cavity Profiler - VS software splash screen

We've completely redesigned the Void Scanner software for 2014, to offer operators more guidance during deployment and processing, speeding up training and time taken on site. We believe our software changes make Void Scanner the ideal choice for mines where time is at a premium, and where operators use multiple systems infrequently.

  • Quicker navigation and intuitive design supports new operators and speeds up training
  • Software, viewable on the connected, ruggedised PC included in the Void Scanner package, shows the scanner's inclination and heading at all times
  • One-click surfacing and volume calculation from raw scan data enables you to obtain a closed 3D model and volume within seconds of finishing a scan
  • Point cloud editing and visualisation can be conducted on-site to support swift operations
  • Auto-connection to the Void Scanner probe reduces setup time
  • Export to a number of industry-standard formats, including LAS and DXF, allows easy integration with third-party processing software packages

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Next steps

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