Quarryman® rock profiling and laser scanning system for quarry surveying and stockpile monitoring

Renishaw's Quarryman® Pro not only improves safety, but gives you the data you need to make decisions that increase productivity.

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Renishaw's new Quarryman Pro builds on 25 years' experience of delivering laser scanning solutions to the quarrying industry, worldwide. It's our most robust system yet, designed to offer quarry managers the ability to:

  • Improve safety:plan safer blasts, based on accurate data, to protect workers and the local environment and keep you legally compliant
  • Increase profitability: blast planning using Quarryman helps cut transport hire and fuel costs, explosive costs and secondary breakage
  • Calculate stockpile volume quickly: to produce fast and accurate material stock valuation assisting production and operational planning

Quarryman is the scanning and measurement system choice of mines across the world

Quarryman viewfinder in close up

  • Safe, long-range or short-range reflectorless surveying for blast planning, stockpile measurement and whole site mapping
  • The opportunity to save on surveyor costs, with easy one-man operation, intuitive software and minimal training
  • Integration with blast design software packages and with LiDAR data collected from mobile mapping systems
  • A range of applications for quarry managers, providing excellent return on investment
  • A large global network of service centres, backing up our robustly constructed systems

How it works

Quarryman being unpacked

Renishaw's Quarryman® Pro is a 3D laser scanning system, which is easily operated by one person, with very little training needed to use the system or associated, intuitive software.

Light and portable, coming in a single, Peli case, the Quarryman system can quickly be moved around site and between sites by operators, and attaches securely and quickly to its tripod for rapid deployment, and quick use.

Operators can choose between a manual point and shoot mode, and an automatic laser scanning mode (250 points per second). Entire rock faces can be scanned in minutes.

Quarryman Pro measures and records millions of data points directly to a USB drive and does not require external PDAs or computers in the field.

By using the Quarryman Viewer software, the collected data can then be processed to create detailed 3D models, which can then be edited, analysed exported to specialist packages or other CAD software.

The Quarryman Pro is intuitive to use, portable and rugged, and carefully designed and tested to ensure it is robust enough to operate in the toughest conditions. It is a versatile system, which offers several applications, representing a value-for-money investment, which will give quarry operators the ability to quickly and simply collect data to support all areas of operation.

Quarryman launch video

  • Our video shows how quick and simple it is to capture data on site with Quarryman Pro. Filmed at Hillhead 2014, our short overview of the new features of Quarryman Pro, including the colour sun-readable screen, the GPS mount and the new, intuitive software. You can also watch a demonstration of how quick it is to set up Quarryman Pro on its tripod and view the scanning movement in action. Finally, you can view an example point cloud scan of a quarry face, just like the point clouds you can create yourself.

Case studies

  • Case study: Lafarge blast optimisation initiative Case study: Lafarge blast optimisation initiative

    In September 2013 world-leading aggregates producer and quarry operator Lafarge implemented a worldwide Blasting Standard Operating Procedure (BSOP) with an aim to reduce costs, increase safety, and lessen the impact on the environment. Through the use of Renishaw survey solutions as part of its innovative BSOP to optimise drilling and blasting operations, Lafarge is already realising significant measureable cost savings with the potential to save in the region of 10-25 million euros annually across its 600 sites worldwide.

Videos and software animations

Why new Quarryman supports you better than ever before

Quarryman training course

Quarryman has been a must-have on-site system for quarries for 20 years. The original Quarryman - and our later models - transformed safety on site and enabled our customers to simply and swiftly modify processes on site, to decrease post-blast workflow and costs.

The new Renishaw Quarryman Pro offers significant benefits, which customers of previous models will quickly recognise. Some of these benefits are:

  • The new sun-readable screen is larger than on previous models, for better visibility, and is now in full colour.
  • Data is saved to a USB, rather than a flashcard, for ease of data transfer, and to enable you to hold many more files.
  • A GPS mount is built into the handle, so you can quickly position Quarryman and easily  map point cloud data to other quarry maps, using co-ordinates.
  • Fewer clicks for each operation greatly enhance the speed, with which you can work.
  • Auto date and time stamping help you find files, without needing to enter details.
  • The battery issues a warning when low, but shuts down automatically if not recharged, retaining your data for you to retrieve later.
  • The new Li-ion battery is not only lighter, but provides a greater scan time.
  • The operating temperature has been increased, as well as the processing power of the system.

Finally, the new Quarryman is the first to have been developed, engineered and manufactured by Renishaw, and to offer customers the peace of mind of having one of the world's leading engineering technology companies behind the support and servicing of every unit sold.


  • Brochure: Quarryman® Pro Brochure: Quarryman® Pro

    Renishaw’s latest Quarryman builds on 25 years’ experience delivering laser-scanning solutions to the worldwide quarrying industry. The system offers: safe, long-range reflectorless surveying for blast planning, stockpile measurement and whole site mapping.

  • Data sheet: Quarryman® Pro Data sheet: Quarryman® Pro

    Detailed list of technical specifications and dimensions for Renishaw’s latest Quarryman Pro, the rock-profiling and laser-scanning system for quarry surveying and stockpile monitoring. This portable yet rugged 3D laser-scanning system requires very little training to operate. Quarryman now also comes with highly intuitive software that delivers fast, accurate data that can be exported in multiple formats to all major CAD and point cloud packages.

  • Manual: Quarryman Pro Short Range Manual: Quarryman Pro Short Range

    Quarryman Pro is suitable for a large number of surveying and measuring functions, including face profiling, burden calculation, muck pile profiling, stockpile surveying, cast blasting, ground modeling, tunnel profiling and drilling control.

  • Manual: Quarryman Pro Long Range Manual: Quarryman Pro Long Range

    This hardware manual describes the Quarryman Pro LR and all accessories supplied with a standard system. Section 8 gives a brief overview of a typical operation. Some troubleshooting tips are also offered in Section 9, which address some of the most common questions that arise from users of the Quarryman Pro LR.

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