Manual systems

A range of fixed and manually adjustable heads that connect a touch-trigger probe to the machine quill, allowing flexible inspection of complex components.

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MH20i MH20 MH8 MIH(S) PH1
 MH20i manual indexing probe head   MH20 manual articulating probe head   MH8 manual indexing probe head   MIH manual indexable probe head   PH1 manual articulating probe head 
Indexable head for use with TP20 stylus modules Positioning head for use with TP20 stylus modules Indexing head for use with M8 mounted probes Indexing head with integral LCD position display Positioning head with offset probe mount

PH5/1 PH5 PH6 PH6M
 PH5/1 head   PH5 head   PH6 probe head   PH6M probe head 

Fixed head with 5 probe sockets and B-axis indexing

 Fixed head with 5 probe sockets Fixed head with 1 probe socket Fixed head with autojoint



Installation and user's guides

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