A manually adjustable probe head featuring TP20 stylus module changing.

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About MH20

MH20 probe headMH20 is a manually adjustable probe head with an integral TP20 kinematic stylus module mount.

The A-axis rotates through 315° in the X-Y plane. The B-axis rotates through 93° in the Z plane. A thumbwheel locks the swivel in any position within the movement envelope of the head.

Qualification must take place after each head adjustment, but TP20 modules can be changed repeatably, provided qualification has already taken place and the head has not been re-adjusted.




MH20 specification

Length 731 mm
Diameter31.5 mm
Weight100 g
Probe mountingTP20 kinematic mount
Head mountingMS/T range of shanks
Suitable interfacePI 4-2
No. of probe sockets1
Probe status indication1 LED
Cable connection5 pin DIN 180º socket
A-axis indexingNon-indexing swivel ±93°
B-axis indexingNon-indexing swivel ±300°
Maximum extension barEM2 extension module - 75 mm (2.95 in)

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