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Automation and process control

Equator™ can either be operated manually or easily integrated into automated cells.

Using Equator for automated process control

Equator hardware and software has been designed from the outset to be equally suited to manual or automated operation. Equator can be used in a serial production line between turning centres, machining centres, grinders and other machine tools. With the ability to switch between parts in seconds, a single Equator is able to gauge components from multiple machines in a manufacturing cell.

Integrating Equator in production lines and manufacturing cells

Equator can be rapidly loaded by an operator or a robot, using quick release fixtures appropriate to the part, but not requiring high levels of expenditure on accurate fixturing.  Fixtures for different parts can be changed by hand or automatically, since the base of Equator includes a 3-point repeatable kinematic location for exchangeable fixture plates. If required, two fixture plates with identical fixtures could be used, one on the Equator while it is gauging a part, one alongside having the previous part removed, then loaded with the next part.