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Customer support

Renishaw has an enviable reputation for being committed to customer service and support.

Renishaw's expansion over more than 30 years has always been accompanied by a willingness to invest in a worldwide sales and support network, which today includes offices in more than 30 countries, plus a global network of distributors and agents.

The benefit to our customers is that at any time, there are in excess of 100,000 styli held in stock locations around the world, ensuring rapid local delivery.

Service and support

Our global presence is further enhanced by product web sites and literature that exists in multiple different languages, and we exhibit at over 100 global events each year, giving customers further opportunities to discuss their manufacturing issues first-hand.

Finally, we have earned an enviable reputation for our commitment to customer care and support. Should technical advice be required, or a problem arises, our global network of staff is always available to offer advice and recommend a suitable replacement.

Renishaw world subsidiary map