Gauging systems

The new patented Equator™ gauging system cuts purchase, maintenance and fixture costs,
can be pre-programmed for multiple parts and in minutes re-programmed for design changes.

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Equator 300 in action

The Renishaw Equator is a versatile alternative to custom gauging, offering inspection of an unprecedented variety of manufactured parts. Equator has been implemented by many different companies around the world.

Thanks to its design, verastility, powerful metrology software package and range of accessories, Equator has become the new gauge of choice for multiple manufacturing applications.

Recently a Process Monitor function was added to the software package which allows users to standardise and control their re-mastering procedure based on the set parameters. These parameters include temperature change, number of runs since last re-master and time since last re-master. See the 'Process Monitor' video below for more information.

Equator is also being successfully integrated into automated cells through the use of the new Equator automation software - EZ-IO. See the 'EZ-IO for Equator in automated cells' video below to find out more and see how one company has been putting EZ-IO to work.

See Equator in action

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