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Industrial metrology quality management systems

Group Quality Policy 

Renishaw plc's Group Quality Management System is certified by the certification body, BSI (British Standards Institution).

Quality management systems

Metrology products

Quality management systemsCertification bodyStandardCertificate
UK-based industrial metrology operationsBSIISO 9001[FM10671]
Manufacturing (Ireland)NSAIISO 9001[Cert-079 IANB IAFA4]
Manufacturing (India)BSIISO 9001[531987]
UK based Group Engineering Division Software DevelopmentBSI

TickITplus Foundation

Metrology calibrationCertification BodyStandardCertificate
Group (CMM retrofit, fixed lab and gauging systems)UKASISO 17025[4312]
Renishaw Inc. (Calibration - USA)A2LAISO 17025[2707.01]