Linear bearing

Gauge R&R type 1 and type 2 tests on key control features - cylindricity and diameter of the outside surface, perpendicularity of the top face to the outside surface

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 Gauge R&R study



Gauge R&R type 1

Gauge R&R type 1 tests are simple repeatability trials with one operator, one part and multiple repetitions. Results show gauge repeatability.

Test conditions gauge R&R type 1

Gauging cycle time58 sec


Test results gauge R&R type 1

Feature measuredCgCgk% of tolerance
Diameter10.14 10.071.97
Perpendicularity 2.072.06 9.66


Gauge R&R type 2

Gauge R&R type 2 tests involve multiple operators, multiple parts and multiple repetitions. Results give an indication of real world conditions, including factors such as gauge repeatability, fixture distortion and operator  inconsistencies.

Test conditions gauge R&R type 2

Gauging cycle time58sec
Number of components7
Mastering frequency7
Number of operators3
Number of repetitions4
Total gauging operations84


Test results gauge R&R type 2

Feature measuredTolerance% of tolerance*
Cylindricity 0.10 9.26 
Diameter 0.02 6.13 
Perpendicularity 0.10 9.28 

* R&R of measuring process (using Equator) as % of tolerance

Linear bearing R&R chart 

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