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Renishaw's MODUS 2 metrology software makes sophisticated measurement simple.

Designed with usability in mind

MODUS 2 user experience screen monitor

Based on the established and highly capable MODUS platform with support for Renishaw's suite of 3- and 5-axis CMM sensor technologies, MODUS 2 has been designed with usability in mind. The innovative interface is simple for new users to learn and faster to program, resulting in unprecedented levels of productivity with or without a CAD model.

User experience

A complete redesign of the software interface combined with the introduction of Off-Surface Motion (OSM) technology, intelligent measurement strategies, automatic reporting and an interactive virtual CMM environment are just some of the innovations that enhance the user experience. From simple manual CMM operation through to complex part measurement on multi-axis systems, MODUS 2 adapts automatically and only offers functionality relevant to the current task.

The user experience is designed to be identical whether the software is connected to a ‘live' CMM or working in an offline environment where full simulation with speed control allows measurement sequence development and visualisation.

MODUS 2 user experience - highlights
Blue square

Complete representation of the virtual CMM environment including part, fixture, tool changers and rotary table.

Green square

Representation of the inspection sequence as a series of nodes with innovative navigation techniques.

Red squareThe inspection toolbox provides access to a comprehensive suite of measurement functions but presents only those appropriate to the current context.
Yellow square

The CAD import and graphics controls in the MODUS 2 toolbar provide access to loading part and fixture models. A wide array of graphical controls also allows optimal viewing for efficient interrogation of the model geometry.

Feature node

In the case of a geometric feature the node contains everything to do with the definition, measurement and reporting of the feature.

The cylinder feature below shows the feature node within the sequence, together with its properties. The top section of the feature node properties contains the nominal data. This is usually derived from the CAD model but may also be entered manually or could be acquired in ‘teach mode' by probing the feature on the CMM.

Inspection sequence

The inspection sequence displays a series of ‘nodes' where each node has associated properties that represent the underlying functionality.

MODUS 2 feature-node 1
Scrolling down the node properties reveals the measurement strategy, shown also on the CAD model. In the bottom section of the node properties are the tolerance evaluation and reporting controls.
MODUS 2 feature node 2

Intelligent extraction of CAD data

Intelligent extraction of CAD data and knowledge of underlying geometry determines the measurement strategy for the selected feature. Consistency in measurement methods is paramount and MODUS 2 facilitates this by allowing users to collaborate on parameters such as fitting algorithms, filters, etc. These bespoke strategies become an integral part of the software used across the organisation.

MODUS 2 highlights

  • MODUS 2 highlights screenFull support for I++ DME compliant metrology controllers, including Renishaw's UCC range of universal CMM controllers
  • Full compatibility with REVO
  • CAD-driven offline programming, with support for neutral formats of IGES, STEP, Parasolid® and VDA-FS
  • High quality integration with the CATIA® (v5 and v4), Siemens® NX™ (previously Unigraphics®), Pro/E® and SolidWorks® CAD/CAM solutions
  • Full motion simulation and collision detection, including 5-axis moves
  • Native DMIS support
  • Certified mathematical algorithms
  • Powerful text and graphical reporting
  • Flexible output of results data including certified Q-DAS®

Future proof

REVO inspecting blisk

The MODUS 2 metrology software suite is a future-proofed investment, guaranteeing availability of the latest sensor and controller technology advancements from Renishaw. This will include future sensors for the 5-axis measurement product range, which delivers unprecedented speed and measurement flexibility, whilst avoiding the speed versus accuracy compromises inherent in conventional techniques.

MODUS 2 in action


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    The MODUS 2 metrology software suite brings new levels of clarity and efficiency to the programming and operation of CMMs.