Process monitoring and automation

Process monitoring in the workshop environment is made easy with the rugged Equator gauging system. With its small size and ease of installation, the Equator is simply incorporated into automated lines and production cells.

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Better process feed-back and control

Cell factoryEquator can be used in a serial production line between turning centres, machining centres, grinders and other machines, or within a manufacturing cell to gauge components for multiple machines.  Equator can be operator loaded and gauging started within seconds, with maximum flexibility and the confidence of reliable gauging repeatability.

Equator can also be integrated into automated cells, using the optional I/O interface to connect it to a robot, or by outputting the gauging results to an SPC package. Some SPC packages also offer the ability to connect to certain modern machine tool controls to update offset values, for true automated process control.

Data from Equator can be used to update offsets repeatably and reliably, compensating for the effects of tool wear and thermal drift. When combined with robotic part handling, Equator supports fully automated in-line process control.

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