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Product servicing, recalibration and repair

Regular calibration and maintenance can extend the life of your equipment and avoid unplanned downtime.

Avoid unplanned downtime

Our Dynascan, Quarryman, Boretrak, C-ALS, Fanbeam and Void Scanner service teams keep your equipment working, with annual calibration, maintenance checks, and swift turnaround when it matters.

You can read about our specialist Fanbeam® service centres here.

How Renishaw service adds value

Dynascan studio shot

Our range of servicing options is designed to prolong the life of your equipment and support business planning. We offer:

  • a dedicated service contact assigned to you
  • a service team staffed by technicians with a production background
  • annual calibration checks
  • spare parts held in stock for fast turnaround
  • a network of global service centres for convenience and to minimise your costs
  • loan and rental equipment available to keep you operational and eliminate downtime
  • fixed-price fleet management services

Calibration and maintenance

C-ALS Cavity Auto-scanning Laser System probe

We encourage all our customers to take advantage of our annual (or, for Fanbeam, biennial) calibration and maintenance servicing option.

Even with perfect care, wear of mechanical components and drift in electrical components can occur, affecting the accuracy of any laser measurement system.

By scheduling servicing, customers can avoid unplanned downtime, book loan or rental equipment in advance to ensure projects keep progressing, and prolong the life of their equipment.

Your guarantee of support

All repairs are covered by a three- or six-month warranty. We also continue to service and support systems for a minimum of five years after product obsolescence. In many cases, we are able to offer servicing for equipment for a further extended period. We realise that this commitment to keeping equipment operational is a major advantage we offer over alternative suppliers.


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Our repairs process is designed to:

  • return your equipment to optimal performance
  • enable speed of turnaround
  • keep you informed at all stages
  • ensure quality of work

We know the reason that many of our customers come back to us, and increase their use of our systems as their own businesses expand, is that we combine precision engineering in manufacture with responsive, flexible servicing options.

We encourage all customers investing in laser scanning systems to consider the ease, speed and flexibility of servicing before deciding on a supplier.

Should your product need repairing the key stages are as follows:

1. Contact us

Use the Contact us section of our website, selecting 'spatial laser measurement' and your country to send us an email, or our Worldwide offices page to view phone and other contact details.

Alternatively, you can simply email us at

2. We'll offer remote support and discuss your options

Where appropriate, we'll suggest checks or simple mechanical repairs you may undertake yourself. To minimise disruption to your work, we will always try where possible to resolve any issues by phone or email first, before deciding that the unit needs returning to Renishaw.

If important to you, we will outline the process for borrowing or hiring replacement equipment from us. Alternatively, at certain times we may be able to offer very attractive trade-in options, so you can get the benefits of a new laser system (complete with warranty) at a realistic differential from the cost of repairs.

3. We'll schedule your job

If repair work by our engineers is needed, we will give you instructions on how to return your product to us.

4. We'll assess, quote and explain your options

After looking at your equipment, we will issue you with a full report detailing work required, including any associated costs. We will also advise you of the estimated time of completion.

5. We'll undertake all work and get your system back to you quickly

Upon your authorisation to proceed, we will complete all work and return the product to you. Any work undertaken comes with a three-month guarantee, giving you peace of mind to plan new projects, knowing your equipment has been well-maintained.