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XCal-View data analysis

Software to analyse XL-80 laser system data and report it to international standards.

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XCal-View overview

XCal-View can be used to comprehensively analyse machine performance and monitor trends over time.  This allows the user to diagnose any problems quickly and plan in machine maintenance.  Its intuitive user interface makes it a simple but powerful tool for data analysis.

The software provides automatic reporting that conforms to many international machine performance checking standards, making compliance simple.  Standards include ISO, ASME, VDI, JIS and GB/T and an additional Renishaw analysis to succinctly summarise the result.

XCal-View features and functionality

  • XCal-View software gives users greater options and control in their analysis of data. This is achieved through significant new functionality combining simple data selection and manipulation with far greater flexibility in the way that this data can be compared, displayed, formatted and viewed than ever before.

XCal-View purchase options

XCal-View replaces the analysis module within earlier LaserXL, RotaryXL and Laser10 software.  It is supplied on a separate CD in software ‘kits' supplied with new laser systems and is also available as a standalone product for existing users. Standard options allow for single, dual or multi (x10) installations.

Please note: when installing the software requires activation (online or via email) using a code supplied with the software. 

Highlights for XCal-View (V2.4)

  • ISO 230-2: 2014 standard added
  • ISO 10791-6: 2014 standard added
  • Supports data captured from Ballbar Trace software
  • Addition of radians, milli and micro radians added for squareness errors
  • Ability to print error compensation graph
  • Updates to the user guide are available in Japanese, German, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Italian, French, Russian, Portuguese, Czech and Polish

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