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We don't stand still at Renishaw; our inVia microscope is better than ever!

Our continuous development of the inVia Raman microscope has been recognised with a Queen's Award. With many new innovations, and the flexibility to support field upgrades, we can visit you to upgrade your current system and take it to the next level. It's time to open up new measurement and research opportunities!


Find out how enhanced hardware and software can enable your instrument to run faster, with more efficiency, greater sensitivity and with enhanced data processing capabilities.

Microsoft® support for Windows® XP has ended

But don't worry, Renishaw has a solution. Now is an ideal time to migrate to the latest operating system: keep your computer protected with ongoing security updates and benefit from all the new WIRE software features.

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Upgrade your system to the latest advanced imaging technology

The inVia supports a range of advanced methods for generating Raman images and spectra.


Fast, large area analysis.

StreamLine™ Slalom

100% coverage of your mapped / imaged area.


Fast, high resolution 2D and 3D Raman mapping.

StreamLineHR™ Rapide

Highest speed Raman map collection with 3D option.

Raman image of Mount St Helens volcanic rock section

WiRE software. The driving force behind inVia

Renishaw is continuously developing its WiRE software, adding exciting new features that provide extra capabilities.


Upgrade to the latest version of WiRE and give your Raman system even more power.


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Download our product note to find out about the new features available in the latest version of WiRE

Time for a new laser wavelength?

In addition to a wide range of visible excitation lasers, we also support deep UV (down to 229 nm), near UV (e.g. 325 nm) and infrared (up to 1064 nm) lasers.


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Tell us your specific requirements and we can advise you on the best solution.


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