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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

I need a replacement calibration certificate, how do I get one?

Replacement certificates for all Laser Calibration products can be purchased through the Service Centre. There is a small charge for this service due to the administration work involved.
To get a replacement you will need to contact your local Renishaw office.
When contacting please ensure you know the type of product, the date it was last calibrated, or recalibrated and the date of manufacture. 
The replacement certificate can be sent in paper format or electronic PDF format if it is required immediately.

What is the recommended recalibration schedule for my laser calibration product?

Below are the recommended recalibration schedules for items when used in a 'normal' environment. More frequent calibration is advised for units used in extreme environmental conditions, or where damage is suspected. The requirements of your quality assurance programme or national/local regulations may also dictate more frequent recalibration. Also, during storage, transportation and use, they should not be subjected to excessive shock, vibration or extremes of temperature, pressure or moisture, since any of these factors could invalidate their calibration.
XL-80 and ML10   2 - 3 years
XC-80 and EC10   1 year
RX10                      2 - 3 years 

What are the US FDA accession numbers for importing laser calibration products into the USA?

In accordance with the United States Food & Drug Administration the products listed below have been assigned the following accession numbers against the Regulations for the Administration and Enforcement of the Radiation Control for Health and Safety Act of 1968 (Title 21, Code of Federal Regulations, Subchapter J) as they pertain to laser products (pursuant to Section 1002. 12). 
XL-80: 0720313
ML10: 8820431

Can the XL-80 capture faster than at 50kHz?

No. The limiting factor for the capture rate is the USB connection not a software limit.

What are the current version numbers for laser calibration software?

Laser XL: 20.02.02 
Laser XL System Support Disk:  03 
Laser XL Lite:  1.1.1 
QuickViewXL:  1.0.3 
QuickView Demo:  2.02.11 
Laser 10:  10.06.10 
Laser 10 System Support Disk:  08  
DX10:  2.02 
QuickView:  2.03.06 
QuickView Trial:  2.03.06 
Error Comp:  10.05.05 

I get a tingling sensation when I handle my XL-80. Is this safe?

This is caused by electrical ‘leakage' in the XL-80 which then produces a build up of static electrical charge which discharges when it is handled by the user.

This electrical charge is not hazardous in any way to the user as it has no current and it is therefore perfectly ok to continue to use a unit in this condition.

If you are experiencing this problem and have any concerns at all, then an alternative Power Supply with an earth connection can be used (providing that it is the same specification as the original). The alternative Power Supply which we have used is manufactured by XP plc and the model number is AED45US24 (see website here). The only thing to note about this item is that it is a slightly larger product than the one currently supplied with XL-80.


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