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Season's Greetings from Renishaw

Engineers create our world. From the cars, trains and planes that bring us together, to the smartphones, PCs, and TVs that keep us connected when we are apart.

And it is also engineers who design and manufacture many of the gifts that we enjoy giving and receiving throughout the year. So, at this special time of year, we wanted to celebrate the work of engineers across the world and the hidden role that they play in improving our daily lives.

Renishaw is a world leading engineering technologies company, producing precision measurement and sensing equipment that helps manufacturers around the world to create the amazing products that we use every day. We are also a world leader in the manufacture of metal 3D printing systems which enable incredibly complex items to be produced.

Some of our technologies, our staff and their children feature in the video – we hope that you enjoy it!

Season's Greetings!

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