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RMP600 high-accuracy touch probe

For workpiece inspection and job set-up on multi-tasking machines, machining centres and gantry machining centres.

Unrivalled 3D accuracy and repeatability.

Superior communication capability.

Outstanding performance for less scrap and higher profits.

Compact accuracy

The RMP600 is a compact, high-accuracy touch probe with radio signal transmission which offers all the benefits of automated job set-up as well as the ability to measure complex 3D part geometries on all sizes of machining centres, including multi-tasking machines.

The RMP600 successfully combines patented strain gauge technology with the unique frequency hopping radio transmission system of the RMP60.

Features and benefits

  • RENGAGE™ technology, proven and patented.
  • Secure frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS).
  • Globally recognised 2.4 GHz waveband compliant with radio regulations in all major markets.
  • Compact design.
  • 3D performance ideal for 5-axis machines.
  • 0.25 μm 2σ repeatability

We are very happy with the accuracy of RMP600 and, in particular, the consequent reduction in scrap parts further down the production line. These are large, expensive components and we can use the probe to identify and avoid errors.

Tods Composite Solutions Ltd

RMP600 in action

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Supporting information

Probing software options

The following software packages can be used to program probing routines for workpiece set-up and inspection on CNC machining centres.

  • GoProbe – entry-level package for simple workpiece set-up and tool setting routines.
  • Inspection Plus – an integrated suite of inspection cycles including vector measurement.
  • Productivity+™ Active Editor Pro – a PC-based software package with GUI, allowing users to select features directly from an imported CAD model.


Compatible interfaces / transmission units – RMI, RMI-Q.