Custom Raman solutions

Renishaw Raman systems offer more flexibility than any other Raman instruments on the market. However, sometimes users' applications require custom systems.

The scientists and engineers in Renishaw's Special Products Team can design these custom systems to match your particular requirement.

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Beamline Raman systems

Beamline systems are at the cutting-edge of scientific research. Three decades of metrology experience have ensured that Renishaw has been selected to provide Raman capabilities for a number of customised beamline Raman systems, including three systems at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) facility in Grenoble, France.


Simultaneous Raman and XRD at the ESRF microfocus beamline (ID13)

ESRF ID13 probe montageA system allowing in-situ and ex-situ microRaman Spectroscopy facilities to complement the X-ray techniques of microfocus WAXS/SAXS.

This installation consists of two parts. The core is an inVia microscope Raman system offering ex-situ sample characterisation capabilities for selecting and mapping regions of interest both before and after X-ray data collection. The second part is a configuration with a proprietary Raman probe design that can be retracted and re-inserted into the X-ray beam with micrometer precision.

For more information please go to the ID13 Raman Spectroscopy website.

XRD/XAFS-Raman solution at Daresbury synchrotron

Renishaw Raman interface at Daresbury synchroton

A special optical fibre Raman probe system has been developed for the University of Southampton as part of a combined x-ray diffraction, x-ray absorption fine structure and Raman spectroscopy system. The photograph shows the apparatus on-line at the SRS in Daresbury (UK).


High-Throughput Structure/Function Screening of Materials and Catalysts with Multiple Spectroscopic Techniques (2007), Tromp et al, AIP 2007, CP882, 858

CLSM-Raman system

LaserTec VL2000D-RM Raman-CLSM systemThe rapid imaging and high spatial resolution of confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM), augmented with the chemical specificity of Raman spectroscopy.

We have coupled inVia Raman microscopes to a number of CLSM systems including those manufactured by Leica and Olympus. Lasertec use the inVia Raman microscope as a basis for their VL2000D-RM Raman-CLSM system.


Microbially influenced formation of 2,724-million-year-old stromatatolites (2008), K. Lepot et al, Nature geoscience, 1, 118-121

Custom system examples

The team has produced more than one thousand customised products, with many being further developed into standard products. Here are some examples:

  • Portable Raman analyser
  • Laser tweezing Raman system
  • Microscope macro adapter
  • Forensic document analysis system
  • Flat panel display inspection station
  • Remote microscope system
  • Remote shutter for Raman microscope
  • Sample micro-manipulator
  • Microplate reader

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