Laser interferometer systems

Renishaw's laser interferometer systems are used for comprehensive accuracy assessment of machine tools, co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs) and other position critical motion systems.

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Laser interferometers offer the ultimate in high accuracy, repeatable and traceable measurement, using externally mounted optical components.

There are two Renishaw laser interferometer systems in use worldwide, the XL-80 (in production since 2007) and the system that it replaced, the ML10 (1988 - 2007).


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Compact laser system: ±0.5 ppm,
4.0 m/s performance


Renishaw's original laser system


Optics, interfaces, cables, tripods and cases


Principles of interferometric measurement


FAQs, downloads and support articles


Renishaw operates a policy of continual improvement. Specifications given in these pages are accurate to the best of our knowledge. However, Renishaw reserves the right to change product appearance and specification without notice and customers should always seek confirmation at the time of enquiry.


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AxiSet Check-Up

Compatible with common formats of 5-axis and multi-tasking machines, AxiSet Check-Up provides machine users with a fast and accurate health check of rotary axis pivot points. Alignment and positioning performance checks are carried out rapidly to benchmark and monitor complex machines over time.

A great addition to existing laser calibration and rotary axis angular rotation performance checking systems (XL-80 and XR20-W).


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RSU10 system

The XL-80 laser system offers the ultimate for portable ultra accurate laser measurement. However there may be applications where the requirements for shop floor, portable use are not required but a more compact system would be advantageous, e.g fixed test bench application.

Using the RLE laser interferometer system as a basis, a special RSU10 interface allows full access to XL-80 software including LaserXL and QuickViewXL dynamic software. The small remote detector heads of the RLE laser give great flexibility for installation on test rigs. A further benefit is that the heat source (laser) can be located away from the test rig, a good metrology practice. (Maximum linear range typically 4 m and maximum travel velocity 1 m/s.)

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