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Calibration hardware

Laser interferometer systems

XL-80 laser

XL-80 laser interferometer

The ultimate in high performance measurement and calibration for motion systems, including CMMs and machine tools.

XC-80 compensator

XC-80 compensator

Automatic environmental compensation to ensure accurate laser measurement.

Measurement optics for XL-80Measurement optics

An extensive range of optics kits to enable measurement of axis/machine characteristics.

XL-80 optical accessoriesMeasurement accessories

Accessories to ease set-up, alignment and operation and create the most effective laser system for your application.

XL-80 case and tripodSystem peripherals

Flexible laser mounting options, robust transportation cases and additional cabling.

Rotary axis calibration

XR20-W rotary axis calibratorXR20-W rotary axis calibrator

Simple and versatile measurement of rotary axis positional accuracy.

XR20-W off axis'Off axis' rotary measurement

Enabling XR20-W rotary axis measurement on applications where mounting on the centre of rotation isn't possible, extending use to many five axis machine tools.

Telescoping ballbar systems

QC20-W telescoping ballbarQC20-W ballbar

A simple and rapid diagnostics system for measuring the contouring accuracy of CNC machine tools to recognised international standards. 

QC20-W accessoriesQC20-W ballbar accessories

Accessories to test lathes, including vertical turning lathes and carry out 50 mm radius tests.

Probing calibration systems

AxiSet Check-UpAxiSet™ Check-Up

A fast and accurate health check of rotary axis pivot points for multi-axis machine tools.

Machine checking gauge MCGMachine checking gauge (MCG)

An easy way to monitor the volumetric measurement performance of CMMs.

Legacy products

ML10 laser system

ML10 laser interferometer system

The ML10 laser measurement system (1988 - 2007) has now been superseded by the XL-80 laser measurement system.

QC10 ballbar

QC10 ballbar

The QC10 ballbar (1991 - 2009) has now been superseded by the QC20-W wireless ballbar.

RX10 rotary axis calibrator


The RX10 rotary axis calibrator (1993 - 2011) has now been superseded by the XR20-W rotary axis calibrator.