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neurolocate™ registration module

Introducing neurolocate™ - the patient registration module that provides frameless registration with frame-based accuracy.

What can the neurolocate™ module be used for?

neurolocate™ is a frameless patient registration module designed for use with the neuromate® stereotactic robot. neurolocate does not require any skin or bone anchored fiducials and enables intraoperative registration to be carried out using mobile X-Ray/CT.The technology is based on a fiducial marker that is mounted on the robot arm during intraoperative X-Ray/CT.


The neurolocate registration module provides a new frameless registration system for the neuromate robot, and it with it brings many advantages:

  • Potential for time and cost saving by utilising the benefits of intraoperative imaging in the operating room;
  • Improved patient comfort due to shorter procedure times and absence of bone or skin anchored fiducials;
  • Increased flexibility of the patient head position due to the adjustable nature of the fiducial marker frame;
  • Compatible with existing frame systems for holding the patient head.

How does neurolocate work?

neurolocate checking gauge

At the start of the procedure, the checking gauge may be used to check the geometry of the fiducial marker frame.

neurolocate serial number

The fiducial marker frame is identified within the software (using its serial number), to load the correct calibration parameters.

neurolocate kinematic fixation

The neurolocate fiducial marker frame kinematically attaches to the laser tool holder that is mounted on the neuromate arm, to provide precise positioning.

neuromate remote control

The fiducial marker frame is moved into an optimal registration position using the neuromate remote control. The kinematic mount from the fiducial marker frame also acts as a safety feature if the robot is moved too close to the patient.

neurolocate CT acquisition

CT image acquisition is performed and subsequently loaded into the planning software where the fiducials are identified, and the registration process is completed.

neurolocate verification

Registration is verified with the laser tool using anatomical landmarks or skin fiducials.


neurolocate provides us with multiple advantages compared to currently available registration systems. As all the planning images are taken well in advance of the procedure, without the need for any fiducials, we are able to work in frameless mode with the precision of a framebased procedure; fully exploiting the capabilities of intraoperative imaging and eliminating the need to move the patient between the operating room and the CT scanner facility.

Dr. Francesco Cardinale
Niguarda Hospital, Milano, Italy