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In collaboration with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, Renishaw is working on developing implantable therapeutic delivery devices for the treatment of serious Central Nervous System (CNS) diseases.

Advancing precision delivery of therapeutics

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Renishaw is currently working with leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to ensure that therapeutics that are showing great promise in the laboratory, have a means of delivery when clinical trials are performed.

The complexities of taking this step have historically led to therapy programmes with great potential failing to hit designated end-points.

In several key cases these failures can at least be partly attributed to an inability to be consistent in the precise delivery and containment of the infusate in targeted volumes.

Further information

Renishaw is currently developing and testing a range of next-generation delivery devices that are demonstrating repeatability in infusion patterns, leading to consistency in observed therapy efficacy.

In addition to offering to incorporate this development portfolio into therapeutic and academic research programmes, Renishaw offers a consultancy and associated design service to allow biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to precisely specify delivery systems for optimal delivery of their therapeutics.