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neuromate® stereotactic robot options

Renishaw provides a wide range of options for the neuromate® stereotactic surgical robot.

Included in the neuromate® system

neuromate: tool holder

Standard tool holder

This is a universal holder featuring a guide into which standard neurosurgical instruments such as drills, guide tubes, biopsy needles and catheters can be inserted.

neuromate: laser tool holder

Laser holder

The laser tool is used to check the patient registration and to mark the entry points on the patient head before surgery. It is mounted on the neuromate arm in the same way as a standard tool holder.

neuromate: remote control

Remote control

The remote control enhances the safety of the robot, by enabling the control of the robot to be placed in the hands of the user. With the endoscopy option, the remote control allows surgeons to navigate the robotic arm within a volume pre-defined during the planning process.

neuroinspire - planning screenshot (V4)

Planning software

The neuromate system is supplied with neurosurgical planning software. This software is also designed to control the neuromate robot during surgery.


Sterile drapes for the robotic arm and remote control

To ensure a sterile environment, surgical drapes are available for both the remote control and the robotic arm.

Frameless options

neuromate: head holder

Head holder and attachments

This is composed of a half-ring, six pins and a clip to fix the half-ring onto the attachment. The head holder must be fixed to the base of the neuromate.

neuromate: fiducial fixation kit

Fiducial fixation kit

The fiducial fixation (bone screw) can be screwed into the skull, along with three biocompatible anchor pins. The bone screw has been specifically designed to facilitate fast and secure skull implantation.

Frame based options

neuromate:frame adaptor

Frame attachment

This part is designed to fix your usual stereotactic frame to the neuromate®. Models exist for different types of stereotactic frame.

Endoscopic option

neuromate: endoscopic tool holder

Endoscopic module

A specific instrument holder has been designed to receive most types of endoscope. The robotic arm movements in endoscopic mode are piloted with the remote control. The arm speed is reduced to avoid damage to the cerebral tissues.

Note: neuro-endoscopy option is not available in all countries; please contact our sales team for further information.


neuromate: micromanipulator case

Electrode micro-manipulator kit

This includes the micro-manipulator and all the necessary elements for implanting electrodes.

Elements are made from high-tech materials, with consideration for operating room constraints. (sterilisation, storage etc)

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