neuromate® stereotactic robot

neuromate® offers you the possibility to develop innovative and more productive ways of working

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neuromate stereotactic robot

The neuromate® stereotactic robot provides a platform solution for a broad range of functional neurosurgical procedures.

neuromate® has been used in thousands of electrode implantation procedures for deep brain stimulation (DBS), and stereoelectroencephalography (SEEG), as well as stereotactic applications in neuro-endoscopy, biopsy, and many other research applications.12


neuromate® options


Robotic surgery applications


 Case stories

Neuro accessories jigsaw imageRenishaw provides a wide range of options for the neuromate® stereotactic surgical robot


Single neuromate front facingThe neuromate® stereotactic surgical robot has been used in thousands of procedures in centres around the world12.



Prof. Gill operating blue toneRead about how clinicians are making use of Renishaw's products and technologies to enhance the precision of their surgery.

neuromate® highlights

  • neuromate® provides consistent, rapid, precise targeting and reduces clinical complication rates in stereotactic procedures.2/3/4/6/7
  • neuromate® can be used with a stereotactic frame, or in frameless mode for reduced patient trauma. It is also compatible with procedures using both general and local anaesthesia.1/5
  • neuromate® is routinely used in most centres where it is in operation and has pride of place as the cornerstone of functional and stereotactic procedures.
  • neuromate® stereotactic robot is a CE marked device.
  • neuromate® is manufactured in a ISO 13485:2012 compliant environment and it is registered as a Class IIb (EU) medical device.
  • Robotic surgery is capable of delivering greater accuracy and consistency than conventional methods, improving outcomes and helping to reduce ongoing care costs.1/2/3/6/7/8/13
  • neuromate® is supplied with a navigation and planning system that supports 2D and 3D image registration and frame-based or frameless navigation (most available stereotactic frames are supported).
neuromate robot arm




In SEEG we place up to 20 intracerebral electrodes in order to identify the epileptogenic zone and map eloquent structures. Thanks to the use of the neuromate® system, every target can be reached with a combination of speed and submillimetric accuracy.”

Dr. Francesco Cardinale. Neurosurgeon.Epilepsy and Parkinson Surgery Centre "Claudio Munari", Ospedale Niguarda "Ca' Granda", Milano - Italia


"The precision of robotic guided SEEG has revolutionised surgery to cure epilepsy, allowing us to offer cures to a whole new cohort of patients"

Mr. David Sandeman. Consultant Neurosurgeon. Frenchay Hospital, Bristol, UK

Case stories

See our case stories page for further information.

Regulatory approvals

neuromate® stereotactic robot is a CE marked device


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