OMP400 compact high accuracy touch probe

Ultra compact high-accuracy 3D measurement touch probe for small to medium sized machining centres.

Renishaw wins Queen's Award for Enterprise: Innovation 2009 for the OMP400 high accuracy touch probe.

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About OMP400

Strain gauge structureThe OMP400 is an ultra compact probe, ideally suited to small to medium machining centres. It combines the miniaturisation of the highly successful OMP40 probe with new advances in strain gauge technology, pioneered by Renishaw's high accuracy MP700 probe.

Strain gauges attached to the structure measure the smallest of stylus motions, allowing for a very sensitive system.

The innovative RENGAGE™ technology built into the OMP400 brings unrivalled performance in terms of 3D measurement. Use OMP400 with Renishaw OMV for advanced on-machine verification when machining contoured surfaces and complex shapes.

OMP400 features and benefits

  • RengagePatented RENGAGE™ technology brings unrivalled performance in terms of 3D measurement.
  • Increased stylus lengths can be supported without a significant decrease in probe performance
  • Compatible with all existing Renishaw optical receiver interfaces (modulated: OMI-2T, OMI-2C, OMI-2 and OSI/OMM-2; legacy: OMI)
  • The OMP400 sets new standards for reliability and, sealed to IPX8, OMP400 is designed to resist the harshest machine conditions

OMP400 system options

OMP400 with OMI-2T

OMP400 with OMI-2

OMP400 with OMI

OMP400 with OSI / OMM-2

Offers a state-of-the-art modulated optical transmission method and the twin probe option.Offers a state-of-the-art modulated optical transmission method.Ideal for factory fitment by machine tool builders.

Offers a state-of-the-art modulated optical transmission method, enabling up to three probes to be used.

OMP400 software options

The following software packages can be used to program probing routines for work piece set-up and inspection on CNC machining centres

EasyProbe - entry-level package for simple work piece set-up

Inspection - basic set-up and work piece inspection cycles, with automatic update of offsets

Inspection Plus - an integrated suite of inspection cycles including vector measurement

Productivity+ Active Editor Pro - a PC-based software package with GUI, allowing the user to select features directly from an imported CAD model, making the generation of probing cycles even easier.

Renishaw OMV - A PC-based software package for verification of complex parts and live data capture to PC during probing for instant feedback on component quality.

Further information

For product specifications or a full parts list see the Installation guide below.

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  • Technical article: Renishaw's strain gauge probing technology Technical article: Renishaw's strain gauge probing technology

    Since the invention of the touch trigger probe by Sir David McMurtry in 1972, probing has become a vital component of automated production processes on machine tools. This simple mechanism, employing a kinematic location to retain a stylus in a highly repeatable manner, has formed the basis of many Renishaw probes for over 30 years. Renishaw kinematic touch trigger probes continue to serve the manufacturing industry well, remain the markets best selling probing products by far, and are the first choice of the majority of end users and machine tool builders alike. The level of measuring performance and reliability of these probes must not be understated.


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