Productivity+™ GibbsCAM® plug-in

Create metal cutting programs and probing cycles within the same GibbsCAM® environment.

  • Use the probe in the same way as any other tool
  • Program the measurement routines using Renishaw's integrated dialogs
  • Full ability to create logic and in-process decisions within GibbsCAM® tiles
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About Productivity+™ GibbsCAM® plug-in

GenerationUse of the Productivity+ GibbsCAM plug-in means that within a single application it is now possible for a complete machining process to be programmed, probed and simulated prior to machining.

Productivity+ allows you to add a probe which behaves just like any other tool in the GibbsCAM tooling suite, but which performs measurement instead of cutting. The probe is supported throughout programming and simulation, and the final G-code output contains a single file incorporating both cutting and measurement.

As a GibbsCAM user, the Productivity+ GibbsCAM plug-in is the obvious choice for swift, simple addition of probing cycles to your metal cutting operations.

Features and benefits

  • Screen simulationSimple but powerful PC software for generating probe inspection routines alongside metal cutting operations
  • Probing routines generated from feature geometry, with or without a solid model
  • Full integration of tool setting, probe qualification and job set-up
  • Probing routine tiles created in the same way as metal cutting operations
  • Graphical user interface and icon driven operation provide an intuitive programming format
  • Logic builder adds intelligence to your process, allowing the machine tool to make decisions based on data collected and results returned
  • Probe path simulation incorporated into the Cut Path Render functionality
  • On-line help, instructional dialogs and wizards
  • Extensive database of Renishaw probes

System requirements

  • GibbsCAM version 2009 or later (users of 64-bit GibbsCAM must install the 64-bit version of the plug-in application)
  • GibbsCAM post processor upgrade (available from Renishaw)
  • For additional system requirements please see PC specification

For further information on GibbsCAM® (Gibbs and Associates), please visit:

See Post processors and part numbers for information on machine compatibility.


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