Productivity+™ - PC based probe software for machining centres

Interactive programming of inspection routines, tool setting and machine updates.

  • Comprehensive set of measurement routines
  • Logic statements for on-machine decision making and process control
  • Detailed reporting of inspection and updates
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About Productivity+™

Productivity+ is a PC based software solution providing an easy-to-use platform for incorporating simple measurement functionality and more advanced in-process intelligence into machining programs. It can simplify a wide range of measurement and process control tasks, such as component set-up and part verification, and aids process development in the following key areas:

  • Predictive process setting - performing simple tests to ensure that a machining process will be successful
  • Active in-process control - using the probe to measure features and update machining process based on the results obtained
  • Informative reporting - providing information about the in-process state of a component, and about the decisions that were made when producing it

Productivity+ creates programs which run entirely on the machine tool, including all the calculations, updates and logic which are needed - so no external PC is required to process measurement data.

Productivity+ provides full multi-axis support for vertical and horizontal machining centre configurations.


Latest functionality

Adding to the comprehensive functionality provided by previous versions, Productivity+ version 2.1 includes:

  • Feature Tolerance Check iconFeature Tolerance Check - performs a tolerance check on a measured or constructed feature and performs an action based on the result. By default, tolerance bands are symmetrical (equal upper and lower tolerance limits), with the option for the user to define non-symmetrical tolerance limits.
    Actions available after a Feature Tolerance check include:
    • Raise a machine alarm
    • GoTo an existing Productivity+ label
    • Execute a line of NC code
    • Do nothing
  • Measured Sphere iconMeasured Sphere statement - allows the measurement of a sphere feature using a choice of five, ten or twenty-five touch points. Results can be used to determine subsequent program actions, for example, machine update, or raise an alarm.
    After measurement, the following results are available:
    • XYZ position
    • Radius
    • Range of radial deviations from fitted sphere

For more information, please see the Productivity+ version 2.1 release flyer. Further information and an overview of the full functionality provided by the software, can be found in Productivity+™ Active Editor Pro probing software for machine tools.

If you have an existing copy of Productivity+ and wish to upgrade to the latest version, find out about our maintenance programme.

Key features and benefits

Add intelligence to your machining operationsAdd intelligence to every stage of a machining process

Productivity+ makes it simple to create rules and program machine tools to make decisions for themselves. It aids the programming of basic tasks, such as work coordinate alignment operations, and provides a simple framework for more complex tasks, such as determining that the machine is running the correct program for the loaded part. Allowing a machine tool to make decisions for itself improves quality and consistency, whilst releasing operators for more productive tasks.

G-Code editingEliminate G-code editing

A large percentage of machining code is generated using computer aided manufacturing (CAM) packages which simplify the creation of machining programs. Productivity+ makes the same benefits available for machine tool probing, as it provides point-and click feature selection, simulation, a probe database and all the other features familiar to CAM users.

Point and click feature selectionSelf-contained processing

As a Productivity+ program runs entirely on the machine tool, the program forms a self-contained package which operates in exactly the same way, every time a part is run. Once it's programmed, there is no need for an external PC, eliminating potential communications set-up issues. The self-contained philosophy even applies to advanced features such as 'Constructed Point'; never previously available in on-machine probing software, these features now provide significant advantages for complex job set-up and tolerancing applications.

Vertical CNC machineExtensive controller support

Machine tools including 3-, 4- and 5-axis configurations are supported via a wide range of post processors, providing a consistent level of functionality between machine types. This makes it possible to transfer one probing program between machines tools by simply re-posting the program.


Productivity+™ provides

Point-and-click feature selection - based on a wide range of CAD models

Tool setting - speed up tool change and avoid damaged tools (Renishaw tool setting macros required on the CNC)

Part set-up and inspection - auto-correct machining cycles

Intelligent decision-making - allowing active, in-process control with program adjustments and machine updates

On-machine verification - reduce production time

Probe cycle programming - PC based solution, therefore avoiding machine downtime

Program verification - to increase confidence and reduce risk of machine or probe crash

Process tracking - with the addition of Renishaw CNC Reporter

See Enhancements and maintenance for more information on how to maximise the benefits provided by Productivity+.

Productivity+™ options

Productivity+™ Active Editor ProProductivity+™ GibbsCAM® plug-in

Productivity+ Active Editor Pro allows probing to be added to any existing G-code program by programming directly from a CAD model using solid model feature selection.

The software provides a comprehensive solution for producing probe cycles and adding in-process control, using a graphical interface familiar to CAD/CAM users.

For users of GibbsCAM.

The Productivity+ GibbsCAM plug-in merges the creation of probing cycles with the generation of metal cutting paths within the graphical GibbsCAM environment.

Demonstration video

  • Productivity+ movie Productivity+ movie

    Video footage introducing how Productivity+™ Active Editor Pro can be used to assist in the implementation of process control across a manufacturing process



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