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Probing made simple by combining user-friendly probing software with easy-to-use training materials.

Quick and easy to use.

No probing experience necessary.

Easy to learn, using the comprehensive GoProbe training kit.

GoProbe makes probing simple

GoProbe is a unique combination of software, training materials and user reference tools. Designed to make using your Renishaw machine tool probe simple, GoProbe includes complete part setting, tool setting and probe set-up cycles.

Using GoProbe requires no previous probing experience. The self-study GoProbe training kit, which includes an e-learning course and a training part to practice on, helps to build knowledge and confidence rapidly, so that processes can be optimised as soon as possible.

Requiring only simple single-line commands, GoProbe eliminates the need for extensive knowledge of G-codes. The user-friendly commands are easy to understand and use, even for those new to probing.

Moving between manual and automated cycles within a machining process has also been simplified. This is now possible in one software package, and the consistent single-line commands make progressing from basic manual cycles to more complex automated cycles easier than ever.

Features and benefits

  • No probing experience necessary.
  • Self-study training kit comprising: training part, pocket guide, quick-reference tool and e-learning course.
  • Intuitive GoProbe smartphone app.
  • Simple single-line commands (no need for multiple lines of machine code).
  • Included with Primo™ system products and compatible with all Renishaw part setting probes.
  • Dramatically reduced setting times.
  • Reduced data entry errors.
  • Ability to respond quickly to process changes.
  • Significantly improved process efficiency.
  • Reduced need for operator training.