QC10 ballbar system

Since 1991 the Renishaw QC10 telescopic ballbar has been recognised as the best and most practical method for quickly assessing CNC machine tool positioning performance.

As from October 2009 the QC10 ballbar system has been officially superseded by the QC20-W wireless ballbar system.

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QC10 support

Renishaw is committed to the ongoing support of all QC10 ballbar system users. We will continue to offer a full service, recalibration and repair capability (including factory warranted RBE units) for all QC10 ballbars for several years in line with our established policies. 

Remember that the latest Ballbar5 software for QC10 users is now available free-of-charge as a download from this site.

Benefits of the new QC20-W system

QC20-W ballbar with Bluetooth logoWe believe that the QC20-W ballbar system offers significant performance and operational benefits compared to the QC10 system:

  • Bluetooth wireless technology ensures no wire handling issues, closed door operation (to satisfy increasingly stringent 'health & safety' standards) and reduces the potential for system damage.
  • Faster data reading for enhanced analysis on small test circle and high feed rates.
  • New hardware enables 3 test planes to be tested from a single set up.
  • Enhanced software offering many new features including "volumetric analysis".

QC20-W and QC10 compatibility

The new system has been designed from the start to appeal to existing QC10 users.
  • QC20-W is the same 100 mm length as the QC10 ballbar and uses the same extension bars. You can therefore use the same tests and test programmes you’ve developed for QC10.
  • QC20-W uses the same data file format as QC10, so you can review tests taken by QC10 using the new Ballbar 20 software and use a single programme on your PC whether you are using QC20-W or QC10 ballbars.
  • All other system components are compatible (with the exception of the small circle assessory kit).

QC10 to QC20-W upgrade packages

QC20-W upgrade kit in QC10 system caseTo maintain your existing test capability you need only replace your ballbar/interface with the QC20-W. An attractively priced basic upgrade kit is available on an "exchange" basis which includes packaging for secure installation in your QC10 system case (post 2001 metal framed cases only)

Further upgrade options are available to extend the basic kit's capability to include "partial" arc (3 plane testing) and small circle (50 mm radius) testing.

By offering you separate upgrade options you only have to pay for the capability and functions you want.

Software upgrades

Using the latest software gives you the latest reports, analysis and many additional features.

Software upgrades for QC10 users are now available FREE OF CHARGE.

Next steps

Contact us online if you require more information or you have a pricing query, or alternatively you may like to speak directly to your local Renishaw office.