QC20-W ballbar accessories

With a standard QC20-W kit you can test most machining centres, using a test radius of 100 to 600 mm.

Using the accessories below you can test lathes, including vertical turning lathes and carry out 50 mm radius tests.

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360° lathe adaptor kit

QC20-W with lathe adaptorExpand the versatility of the QC20-W ballbar by including lathes in your ballbar test programs. Diagnosing specific errors on your lathe is both quick and easy using this accessory.

Lathe adaptor kit includes:

  • 1 lathe adaptor arm assembly
  • 1 spindle bar assembly
  • 1 spherical adaptor (with magnetic centre cup)
  • 1 cup screw (with magnetic centre cup)
  • 1 plastic carrying case

NB: not to be used in conjunction with small circle accessory kit.

Machine requirements

Axis travel  
X-axis:≥ 210 mm from centre line 
Y-axis:≥ 330 mm from chuck 
Spindle diameter:ø25 mm (others will require additional magnetic base) 
Tool header:accepts 20 mm or 25 mm tool shanks 
CNC control:circular interpolation in ZX plane 

VTL adaptor

VTL adaptorCheck vertical turning lathes, laser cutting machines and pick and place machines. With tests performed in the XZ plane the VTL adaptor allows the magnetic centre-cup to be retracted after centering, without losing centre location, so that the machine can be moved to the test start position.

VTL adaptor includes:

  • 1 centre cup
  • 1 VTL adaptor
  • 1 instruction sheet

Small circle accessory kit

QC20-W small circle adaptorThis accessory kit allows the QC20-W ballbar to perform 50 mm radius tests (standard minimum is 100 mm), helping to give an enhanced analysis of servo control systems on most types of machines.

Small circle accessory kit includes:

  • 1 QC20-W small circle adaptor
  • 1 ballbar calibrator (50mm)
  • 1 calibration certificate

Next steps

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