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RA802 Pharmaceutical Analyser

The new RA802 Pharmaceutical Analyser

The RA802 Pharmaceutical Analyser is a compact benchtop Raman imaging system designed exclusively for the pharmaceutical industry. It rapidly determines API/excipient domain statistics enabling you to formulate tablets more efficiently.

With Renishaw's LiveTrack™ focus-tracking technology, the RA802 can efficiently analyse uneven, curved, or rough surfaces at incredible speeds and without any sample preparation. Look at tablets, powders, granules and liquids in their original form.

The RA802 provides a practical solution for analysing formulations.

  • Analyse multiple tablets without the need for user intervention
  • No sample preparation needed; no risk of sample modification or contamination
  • Look at tablets, powders, granules, and liquid samples
  • View information-rich chemical images rendered onto 3D surface data
  • Easy to use, making Raman spectroscopy accessible to all users, without compromising performance

Centrus: ultra-fast Raman imaging

Key to the implementation of advanced Renishaw technologies within the RA802, Centrus is more than just a detector. It is designed by Renishaw, exclusively for Raman spectroscopy and imaging. Centrus features high sensitivity detector chips, with thermoelectric cooling for ultra-low noise levels; giving you optimal performance with ultra-fast data collection (over 1800 spectra s-1).

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Latest RA802 news

Renishaw's RA802 Pharmaceutical Analyser wins an award

Renishaw, the global engineering technologies company, is delighted to announce that its RA802 Pharmaceutical Analyser has won the best measurement laboratory equipment award during Eurolab 2017.

Renishaw's LiveTrack™ focus-tracking technology wins an award

Renishaw, the global engineering technologies company, is delighted to have won an award for its real time focus-tracking technology for Raman imaging - LiveTrack.