RENGAGE™ technology

RENGAGE™ technology clearly delivers true three dimensional (3D) measurement performance and sub-micron repeatability.

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RMP600 and worldConventional probes continue to fulfil a valuable role, which is why Renishaw maintains its position as market leader in the design, manufacture and support of these products.

However for numerous applications the significant performance advantages offered by Rengage technology provides users with competitive superiority both now and in the future.

Rengage technology is available with radio transmission in the RMP600, with optical transmission in the ultra-compact OMP400, and in the miniature MP250 offering an unmatched combination of size and accuracy.

Key benefits

  • Reduced set-up and calibration time
  • Improved control processes and quality set-up
  • Reduced costs


  • Unbeatable 3D accuracy and repeatability, enables reliable on-machine gauging/measurement
  • Improved accuracy with long styli, means dificult parts can be probed more easily
  • Unmatched low trigger force for delicate work helps eliminate surface and form damage
  • Compact design enables better access in restricted spaces and small machines
  • Robust, even in the harshest environment means reliable measurement and long service life


RENGAGE™ technology

Strain gauge structureRengage combines proven silicon strain gauge technology and ultra compact electronics to achieve unparalleled performance and capabilities. Suitable for a wide range of machine tool applications and able to address the 3D performance limitations of many alternative probe designs, only Renishaw's MP250, OMP400 and RMP600 feature this technology.

Sensing is independent of the probe mechanism which means Rengage probes feature characteristics not associated with conventional probe design.

RENGAGE™ superior 3D performance

 A characteristic of all probes, lobing is caused by bending of the stylus and movement of the probe mechanism before the probe registers contact with a surface. It is therefore dependent upon;

  • Length and stiffness of the stylus
  • Force required to trigger the probe
  • Direction of contact with the surface
  • Design of the probe mechanism

Rengage technology as featured in RMP600 was tested for 3D accuracy against products from other brands. The results as illustrated in the error plots below are compelling.

Competitor and Rengage plot  

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