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RotaryXL data capture for XR20-W

Enables quick and consistent set-up to give fast test results.

Rotary software kit

The Rotary software kit consists of two CD's; one for RotaryXL data capture software and the other for XCal-View data analysis software.

RotaryXL was the first of Renishaw's revised software packages based around a distinctive and user-friendly interface. This gives users quick and simple control of their rotary calibration device (XR20-W), enabling fast test set-up and data collection. The software uses new screen layouts and graphics, as well as preset templates for the most common ISO and ASME tests and simplified on screen options. Together with an ‘auto calibration' facility, even less experienced users should be up and running very quickly. 

Highlights for RotaryXL (V1.10)

The XR20 help manual has been updated to include a new section on Pre Lock Dwell.  Manual changes have been translated into Japanese, German, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Italian, French and Russian.

XCal-View is the data analysis package. This is for use with data captured from either XL-80 or ML10 laser calibration systems, including linear, angular (rotary) and many other measurement types.

The software allows users greater control in their analysis of data than ever before. This is achieved through significant new functionality incorporating simple data manipulation and much greater flexibility in the way that data can be compared, displayed, formatted and viewed.

XCal-View is also available as an upgrade for existing XR20-W users with the previous 'Renishaw analysis' software. Please refer to XCal-View data analysis software for full details.

Supplementary software

Unique 'Off axis' software allows the use of XR20-W in many configurations where it is difficult to mount the system directly on the machines rotary axis pivot point.

Software download

  • Software download: RotaryXL V1.10

    Issued May 2015. The latest RotaryXL software. PC requirements: Windows® XP (SP3 or above), Windows® Vista or Windows® 7 and 8 (32 and 64 bit). Suitable for upgrades to existing RotaryXL installations or installations on new PC's, does not include analysis software.

  • Software release notes: RotaryXL (V1.10) Software release notes: RotaryXL (V1.10)

    Important information concerning installation and use of RotaryXL 1.10 software. It is recommended to read this before downloading or installing software.