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SPRINT™ on-machine contact scanning system

Next-generation scanning system for on-machine process control applications.

The SPRINT™ system, with its unique 3D sensor technology, brings exceptional, high-speed, high-accuracy, scanning to CNC machine tools.

SPRINT™ system with Productivity+™

SPRINT™ system with Supascan

High-speed measurement

By scanning, SPRINT provides incredible time savings in on-machine inspection and job set-up, increasing available profitable and productive machining time.

New SPRINT 3D probe

Form determination

On-machine scanning using the SPRINT system can detect defects in feature form that would be missed by touch-trigger systems.

SPRINT™ measurement of surface plane variation

Process control

Workpiece measurement results, captured by SPRINT, can help keep on-machine processes under control, automatically. 

Results can also be output for further analysis, or for quality assurance purposes.

Surface condition image

Replace an existing touch-trigger process

Although the SPRINT system can be used to directly replace a traditional touch-trigger system, measurement speed and accuracy can be optimised by replacing an existing touch-trigger process with a scanning process.

Equivalent data can be produced, minimising the time required to integrate the system into existing or new processes.

Sprint 3D part and probe

Ultra-fast probing for workpiece set-up, surface condition and form monitoring.

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