Training in the USA

The USA is the oldest and largest market for Renishaw calibration equipment. As such, regular group training has been a feature for over 15 years.

In response to customer demand we have added a one-day introductory ballbar course.

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Training in USA

Renishaw is pleased to offer the following training options for North American customers:

Ballbar classes (QC20-W and QC10)

  • Ballbar training at Vincennes UniversityIntroduction to ballbar testing. Duration, one day. This short course gives you the essentials of ballbar use whether you are a user or just interested to learn more. Also ideal as an introduction to the four day course below. It is a hands on training class held in the state-of-the-art HTEC training facility within the Indiana Center for Applied Technology (ICAT) building at Vincennes University, Vincennes, IN. This class has been developed as a joint initiative between Renishaw and Vincennes University. Further information on the VU HTEC training can be found at

    Renishaw Inc is also pleased to announce a new partnership with Jeffreys Manufacturing Solutions – a Division of Phillips Corporation. With this new partnership comes the same trusted instruction of the Introductory ballbar class in a new location. The training is held at Jeffreys Manufacturing Solutions showroom at the Spartanburg Community College Tyger River Campus in Duncan, South Carolina.

    Ballbar testing and machine metrology.  Duration, four days. Class covers the basics of machine metrology and ballbar testing. Each class covers a series of general topics (see below) ensuring that the student has a good understanding of the fundamentals of machine tool performance measurement and testing. Primarily classroom based, students will also have the opportunity to get some hands on experience putting what they have learned into practice. The comprehensive class is held at the Renishaw Inc. facility near to Chicago, IL.

General ballbar metrology class topics:

  • Introduction
  • Types of error
  • History of units
  • Improving metrology with unit selection
  • PPM formula for success
  • Axis nomenclature
  • Machine tool coordinate systems
  • 6/13/21 degrees of freedom
  • Measuring error with other instruments
  • Temperature and displacement
  • Ballbar hardware
  • How CNC machines perform circular tool paths
  • Interpreting radial deviation
  • Using analysis software
  • Trending error
  • Using capture software
  • Setting up the telescoping ballbar test
  • Running your first test
  • Volumetric measurement with the ballbar
  • Evaluating measured results
  • Making changes in the machine control

We strongly recommend that ballbar users planning to take the ballbar class obtain and view a copy of the 'Getting Started with Ballbar' DVD presentation before attending. The DVD is available free of charge from Renishaw by calling (847) 286 9953 or by sending an e-mail request to

Laser classes (XL-80 and ML10)

XL-80 laser with operator

Laser measurement and machine metrology. Duration, four days. Covers basics of machine metrology and use of laser measurement systems. Each class covers a series of general topics (see below) ensuring that the student has a good understanding of the fundamentals of machine tool performance, measurement and testing.

Primarily classroom based, students will also have the opportunity to get some hands on experience in our on-site demonstration facility putting what they have learned into practice. The comprehensive class is held at the Renishaw Inc. facility near to Chicago, IL.

General laser metrology class topics:

  • Introduction
  • Safety
  • Classifications of measurements
  • Displacement measurement units             
  • History of units
  • Measurement unit selection
  • Basic metrology formulas
  • Thermal expansion
  • Machine coordinate system
  • 6/13/21 degrees of freedom
  • Feedback systems error
  • Error correction
  • Absolute and incremental error
  • Hardware and theory
  • System accuracy
  • Linear measurement optics
  • Environmental compensation
  • Factors affecting accuracy
  • Accessory components
  • Angular measurement optics
  • Straightness measurement optics
  • Rotary axis measurement
  • Optics setup and laser alignment
  • Using capture and analysis software
  • Setting up and capturing linear, angular and straightness measurements
  • Creating compensation tables
  • Evaluating measured results
  • Making changes in the machine control

A proven success

Established and improved over 15 years, many customers have sent multiple staff through these courses. Recent testimonials include:

'A lot of material was covered in the 3½ days we were at Renishaw. The visual aids were very good and the interaction between the trainer and our class added to the experience. The 'hands on' with the VMC was a great aid and having lunch on the site helped keep all of us focused and encouraged interaction between everyone in the class. I look forward to improving the value of the diagnostics we get from our ballbar here at Silfex.' -Wayne Ross, Senior Mfg Manager, Silfex Inc - Ballbar class Nov 2012.

'From 4 years of college courses, 5 years in the USAF, and 5 years of training from my company, your class was the most informative I've attended' - Course attendee 2012.

'...this diagnosis and repair would not have been possible without the expertise and training from Renishaw Inc. I highly recommend that all facilities with machine tools be sent on the Renishaw QC10 Ballbar and Metrology training course. My honest opinion is that this class was the best training I have had in the 23 years I have been working on machine tools.' -Machine shop supervisor at a major US auto manufacturer.

Having invested in the hardware, procedures and staff to operate them, these training courses are designed to ensure you get the maximum value from that investment.

Advanced ballbar training achieves "better than new" machine tool accuracy

QC20-W wireless ballbar training at Silfex

Ballbar testing is nothing new to those who use fleets of machine tools, including people like Wayne Ross and Jacob Hebbeler of Silfex Inc based at Eaton, Ohio.  Both have used ballbar analysis to maintain and enhance the accuracy of the plant's 50+ machines for more than a decade. But, it turns out that experienced ballbar users can still learn a few new tricks that can be transformational to a business.


 Ballbar class dates - 2015 Class type Location
 Tuesday, 12th May - Friday, 15th May 2015 Comprehensive Renishaw Inc
 Tuesday, 19th May 2015                                                                                    CLOSED Introductory Vincennes University
 Thursday, 4th June 2015 Introductory Jeffreys
 Tuesday, 16th June 2015 Introductory Vincennes University
 Tuesday, 7th July - Friday,10th July 2015 Comprehensive Renishaw Inc
 Thursday, 9th July 2015 Introductory Jeffreys
 Tuesday, 21st July 2015 Introductory Vincennes University
 Thursday, 6th August 2015 Introductory Jeffreys
 Tuesday, 18th August 2015 Introductory Vincennes University
 Thursday, 3 September 2015 Introductory Jeffreys
 Tuesday, 15th September 2015 Introductory Vincennes University
 Tuesday, 15th September - Friday, 18th September 2015 Comprehensive Renishaw Inc
 Thursday, 1 October 2015 Introductory Jeffreys
 Tuesday, 20th October 2015 Introductory Vincennes University
 Thursday, 5 November 2015 Introductory Jeffreys
 Tuesday, 17th November 2015 Introductory Vincennes University
 Tuesday, 10th November- Friday, 13th November 2015 Comprehensive Renishaw Inc
 Thursday, 3 December 2015 Introductory Jeffreys
 Tuesday, 15th December 2015 Introductory Vincennes University
 Laser class dates - 2015 Class type Location
 Tuesday, June 16th- Friday, June 19th 2015 Comprehensive Renishaw Inc
 Tuesday, August 11th - Friday, August 14th 2015 Comprehensive Renishaw Inc
 Tuesday, October 13th - Friday, October 16th 2015 Comprehensive Renishaw Inc
 Tuesday, December 15th - Friday, December 18th 2015                                                              Comprehensive Renishaw Inc


Please call (847) 286-9953 for current pricing or e-mail us at The fee for the class includes all required books and materials. Lunch will be provided Tuesday through Thursday for students attending comprehensive classes at the Renishaw facility in Hoffman Estates. Please note that all classes must be pre-paid and that reservations cannot be guaranteed until paid for in full.


Vincennes University, ICAT Building, 1002 North First Street, Vincennes, IN 47591. T. 812-888-4159
Vincennes University is situated in South West Indiana and is accessible by air via either Evansville (EVV) or Indianapolis (IND).

Phillips Corp – Jeffreys, Spartanburg Community College – Tyger River Campus , 1875 E Main St, Duncan, SC 29334.  T. (864) 363-5619
Phillips Corp – Jeffreys HAAS and OKK Showroom is located in Duncan South Carolina and is accessible by air via either Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP) or Charlotte-Douglas International Airport (CLT).

Renishaw Inc, 5277 Trillium Boulevard, Hoffman Estates, IL 60192.  T. 847-286-9953
Renishaw is approximately a 25 minute drive from Chicago's O'Hare International Airport (ORD) and close to several hotels, restaurants, shopping and leisure facilities.


To register for classes at either location, please contact Ann Molloy ( or Steve Antongiovanni ( on (847) 286-9953. Please be aware that class sizes are limited and that registration will close when that limit is reached.

Bespoke training and advanced classes

In additional to our published schedule, we also offer bespoke training classes tailored to your specific needs and requirements. To discuss your specific training needs, please contact Justin Lebel at

Next steps

Contact us online if you require more information or you have a pricing query, or alternatively you may like to speak directly to your local Renishaw office.