TRS2 non-contact broken tool detection system

TRS2 non-contact broken tool detection system for machining centres.

A single-sided device featuring an integral laser transmitter and detector, the TRS2 recognises the presence of a rotating tool, typically in less than 1 second.

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About TRS2

TRS2 coolantThe new TRS2 is a cost-effective broken tool detection system. Its ToolWise™ electronics have been enhanced to make detection of small, dark tools more reliable, saving time and money.

The unique tool recognition electronics determine whether a tool is present by analysing the reflective light pattern from the rotating tool. Random light patterns created by coolant and swarf are ignored, eliminating the chance of failing to detect a broken tool due to coolant obscuring the beam.

Features and benefits

  • Cost effective and reliable
  • Ultra quick detection - tool spends about 1 second in the laser beam
  • Simple installation - only one small unit to install
  • Simple set-up using specifically written software for TRS2
  • Wide range of tools can be detected

Further information

For product specifications or a full parts list see the Installation guide below.

Marketing literature

Data sheets

  • Data sheet: TRS2 Data sheet: TRS2

    Data sheet for Renishaw's TRS2 non-contact tool recognition system


Installation guide

Quick start guide


TRS2 in action

  • TRS2 rig TRS2 rig

    NEW IMPROVED non-contact broken detection system with ToolWiseTM technology from RENISHAW


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