Now the inVia has even more power. With WiRE™ 4 software, you can collect, analyse and review massive Raman datasets, and generate rich, high definition images.

Powerful Raman software

WiRE is a comprehensive software package that is the driving force behind your inVia. It enables you to collect, analyse and present Raman data quickly and easily.

Controlling your inVia is simple
WiRE removes the need for complicated manual processes, so actions—such as changing excitation wavelength—can be done with just a few clicks of your computer mouse.

Get results
WiRE includes a range of tools, processing and analysis functions, so that you can configure your experiments to your requirements:

  • Get answers to both simple problems and more complex research requirements, with targeted analysis tools, such as CAP
  • For more bespoke analysis requirements, import data into 3rd party chemometric packages, such as MATLAB

Introducing WiRE 4 – capture massive Raman datasets in one measurement

With Renishaw's WiRE 4 software you can now collect massive sets of Raman data—comprising, for example, up to 50 million spectra—in one measurement. You can analyse these datasets to produce rich, high-definition chemical images, that show tiny subtle features of your samples that were not apparent before. And changes deep within WiRE enable these massive files to be opened, manipulated, and saved rapidly and easily.

Find out more about the power of inVia by downloading the document 'Raman images in high definition'.

Sub-area of a Raman image of a volcanic rock section from Mount St Helens. Original image 3.8 mm x 2.7 mm, at 1.9 µm resolution, comprising 3 million spectra. Rock section courtesy of Dr Claire Horwell and David Damby, University of Durham.

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